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When the Planets Call....

On April 30th, I sent out a blog regarding William's new career as a lyricist, and what astronomical movements and aspects prompted it last year...

If you haven't read it, here is the link to it: William's First Song ~ "If Your Heart Won't Crack"

The Copyright arrived on the same day that we launched the the synchronicity!

I used this new development as an example to demonstrate how each one of us is affected by the planetary bodies and their movements... Of course we are complicated beings; so while we are a combination of our birth charts and how they are affected by astronomical movements, we are also affected by other factors, e.g., other people's charts, our past experiences, our bodies, and our physical environment.... But not only that, the universe came out of the quantum field, which means that everything (including we as individuals) has a direct link to this quantum field, so every time we think, intend, pray, meditate, or take any conscious action, we are using the power of our connection with this infinite quantum field! This is why I call my practice "Quantum Astrology"...

Because while the subtle frequencies from the Solar System affect the Earth, and therefore our brains and bodies (just like the food we eat and the liquids we drink), we are also conscious beings with the ability to access the quantum field and override these limiting physical influences to a certain degree, depending on where we are in our conscious evolution... While some people would like to believe that we have full control over our lives and our bodies, the reality is that life is a journey of awakening to our full powers, and we are not there yet, otherwise we would all be able to walk on water! This brings me back to William's chart: While the planets were activating his chart, he didn't have to take action. Nothing just happens. He still had to act on those energies. Since last June (or one revolution around the Sun), William has chosen to write 426 song lyrics. He reached out to our social sphere, partnered with multi-platinum and Posi award winning songwriter and musician, Harold Payne, to write "If Your Heart Won't Crack," and had it produced by Rick Cowling, who tours with Kenny Loggins and Ambrosia. We are so grateful that our dear friend, Lynn Rose, told William when he reached out to her, "Actually, I have the perfect guy!" Since its release date on April 30th, it has gotten over 700 views on various platforms thanks to friends and fans like you...none of us can do anything alone...

Here are just a handful of the reviews:

· “I think this song is GREAT!!! Honestly: If I heard this on the radio, I would want to hear it again.”

· “I LOVE IT!!! William, just WOW!!!! I resonate with the lyrics, the beat, the instruments, all of it. Just. Wow.”

· “I loved the song so much; I see it becoming a chart-topping ballad soon! It is amazing!”

· “Love it!! Compelling lyrics!!!”

· “Very catchy! I like the groove. It reminds me of Don Henley / Glenn Frey…I like the funky break too.” This brings me to a request/offer: If you choose to Like & Share William's song on your social media platforms & tag William, then I will send you a FREE report per platform (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). That is worth $25 per report (times the number of platforms it's shared on)! Simply email a screenshot of each of your social media shares to me at: Here is a link to my Services page with the different reports to choose from: Services We are also contacting radio stations, so if you know anyone in that industry, and can get it played on the air, then I will give you a FREE astrology reading. Here is a link to my different packages to choose from: Packages Here is a link to William's first song: "If Your Heart Won't Crack" William's calling is to be a lyricist, and mine is to be an astrologer/teacher/guide, so we both help each other to fulfill those ends, but again, we cannot do it without thank you! I will end with this: Today, Venus is joining with Uranus at 16° Taurus. Magic is in the air! There is the tangible sense that anything is possible!

The world needs YOU and your gifts as well, and the best way to honor the planets is by sharing your talents... Here are some examples of fields that the planets/signs rule: · The Moon rules care-giving, motherhood, & culinary skills (rules Cancer)

· Mercury rules writing, communication, & dexterity (rules Gemini & Virgo)

· Venus rules beauty, art, & diplomacy (rules Taurus & Libra)

· The Sun rules drama, performance, & leadership (rules Leo)

· Mars rules athleticism, the military, & service that requires bravery (Aries & Scorpio)

· Jupiter rules philosophy, teaching, & higher learning (rules Sagittarius & Pisces)

· Saturn rules structure, business, & hard work (rules Capricorn & Aquarius) So when these planets are strong in your birth chart via their position and/or aspects, or when their current positions aspect your birth chart, then they can trigger certain callings. But whether you answer the call or not is completely up to YOU! I would be happy to shine a light on your path... Initial Consultation

Much Love & Many Blessings!



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