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William's First Song ~ "If Your Heart Won't Crack"

In yesterday's blog, I mentioned today's Solar Eclipse in Taurus, the Venus, Jupiter, Neptune conjunction in Pisces, and the release of William's first song "If Your Heart Won't Crack."

I would like to expand on William's song to share it as an example of astronomical aspects and their implications.

William was born with Saturn Retrograde in Aries, and Saturn did not go direct until 52 days after he was born. The days following our birth correlate with the years after our birth, so when William's Saturn went direct after his first 52 days, Saturn also went direct in his progressed chart after he turned 52 years old in October of 2020. Like clockwork, that is when his songwriting started flowing last year...333+ to date!

Saturn is known as The Lord of Karma or Father Time, so it's as though William was burning off some past life karma while Saturn was Retrograde in his progressed chart.

Also coinciding with last year, Venus was blessing his Natal Mercury. William has very strong Mercury and Virgo aspects, and Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which indicates an aptitude for writing. He also has Moon in Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, and rules music and spirituality.

It is interesting to see how the future impacts the present just as much as the past does because as William was writing and copyrighting his lyrics, searching for musicians, and then collaborating with award-winning Harold Payne last year into this year, and registering the song, today's aspects were lining up!

From beginning to end, from writing "If Your Heart Won't Crack" to releasing it this weekend, it has been about 9 months, which we all know is the incubation period for a human. Just as with life, our art also has an incubation period. William didn't plan this timing as much as he just followed his heart! As today got closer, we examined the various times to release and share his song with you and the world...

So in a very real way, the movement of Saturn (through Aquarius - community), the alignment of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, the alignment of Venus and Neptune in Pisces, the alignment of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces, Mars moving into Pisces, Mercury conjuncting Uranus (change) trining Pluto (transformation) in Taurus, and then moving into Gemini this weekend, which is where William's midheaven (career) is in his Natal Chart trining his Mercury, and finally the Solar Eclipse in Taurus on William's mother's 95th birthday, were all pulling him to follow his songwriting path! William's mother, Dolores, is a Taurus, and since Venus rules love, art, and beauty, quite appropriately her birthday is today...and Dolores is celebrating her 95th birthday! She lost her husband, Jack, in 2020, but she is still going strong! Like William, she is a talented painter, and she has always supported his art, which of course has now expanded into songwriting! So now we are sharing his first song (of many to follow) with you for the first time! It was released this weekend, so please click on the link, enjoy, like, and share it with your friends and family! The more buzz we can create about it, the quicker we can attract the next musicians to finish William's first album! "If Your Heart Won't Crack" will be his first, and the second will be a Halloween album if it can be finished by October...

Thank you all for your support! And now enjoy..."If Your Heart Won't Crack!" Listen to it: HERE! Love, blessings, and creative juicy joy! Elise & William

PS: We want to send a special shout out with gratitude to our beautiful friend, Lynn Rose, who introduced William to Harold and to Rick Cowling who produced the song and to Sherry Hursey, who joined Rick with her beautiful background vocals!


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