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Elise Hicks   ~   Quantum Astrologer

Elise has been a practicing astrologer and metaphysician since her father’s gift of an astrology reading for her eighteenth birthday.  What was truly special about this gift is the fact that he had been given only six months to live when she was just twelve years old.  Happily, he lived nine years longer!


His healing journey became the white rabbit event that triggered much discovery for both of them.  She often refers to her Dad as her first guru.   Now, some 40 years later, her studies have evolved into a field that incorporates metaphysics, quantum physics, and psychology into her astrology practice.   Her goal is to empower her clients into self-discovery and limitless possibility.  


Scroll down to see what a few of her clients have had to say...

"The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder."

~ Ralph Washington Sockman

Elise Hicks

"One of my greatest joys is to 'shine a light' on my clients’ paths, to illuminate the potential pitfalls, and to point out the smoother places to tread.  I love to help them gain clarity of their karmic blueprint, and to empower them to utilize their freewill to evolve beyond their chart’s limitations."

~ Elise Hicks

Client Testimonials:

"Elise Hicks is an amazing, amazing astrologer.  I have had my chart done in the past, but the chart, report and consultation with Elise was so much more comprehensive. From the beginning to the end, she checked in with me to make sure she would be providing the exact perspective and information that I was seeking.  As I reviewed my chart and reports, I was blown away by how accurate they were regarding my life - and as I am older I have a long life to compare to the information provided.  During the consultation, Elise was warm, very personable, and explained everything thoroughly with great insight.  I definitely highly recommend her to anyone desiring an astrological consultation – she is the real deal!"

~Char Franklin


"I thought the whole thing was amazing, especially how we went deeper into my chart and the meanings of the houses and the planets situated in them. That was wonderful.

It was thrilling and scary, in a way, reading through my reports and seeing how accurate they were. It is truly incredible how specific and deep these readings and reports are. I felt as though I was learning about myself in a way that allowed me to examine and ponder exactly who I am and who I can become.  


There were times while reading my report that I laughed aloud at how “crazy” it was that somehow, in a way, my story was written in the stars. And I have this opportunity (life) to live out this story. And now, with all of my new understandings of this, I feel I can do just that with newfound feelings of joy and eagerness about how my life will unfold.

Thank you."

~Prairie Johnson 


"I really appreciated Elise's kind and open heart during our consultation.  She not only read my chart; she read my heart.  Then she combined the two to give me a better understanding of the road ahead.  I believe we get what we focus on and Elise was good about focusing on all the positives and making sure I did not get bogged down in the challenges.  Her reading is almost like a life-coaching session.  I would highly recommend getting a reading from Elise.  You will be happy you did!"

~ Kim



"Thank you so much, Elise!  I just wanted to let you know that this was fantastic.   I so appreciate how much time you spent preparing; and how much information you provided and reviewed with me.   This is an incredible value!  I am really honored to have had the opportunity to work with you and I am so thrilled to have met you!"

Much love! ~ Heather


"Elise, you are absolutely amazing!! For anyone who is looking for insight and guidance in the coming year, call on Elise Hicks for your chart/report.  Her insight and intuition are right on.  Elise did my Solar Return report/chart for my upcoming 50th birthday and it totally resonates with me.  I experienced goose bumps, and was tearing up with joy as I read it through the first time.  All the potential and challenges, areas in my life to address, calling me up to activate my higher self, to elevate, it's all there awaiting my free will to make manifest as I choose.  Beautiful and humbling.  Elise has a gift, she is an angel of light and love.  Connecting with her is a special experience, and good for the soul.  Blessings, Elise, Love & Light be with you!"

~ Roger King


“Most useful Astrological reading I have ever had!  Elise is great!”

~ Susan Satya, Life Coach


“I had my chart done by the beautiful Elise for my 30th birthday this year.  It is incredible how accurate it is!  I still pick it up and read through the many pages.  It's a great way to stay connected with yourself, your journey.  Thank you Elise!!  Love and Light!”

~ Heather Archer



“Elise has been doing my Solar Return each and every year for decades.  It's amazingly accurate.  We begin to transition into our Solar Returns as much as a few months before our actual birthdays, so it's great to have your chart done prior to your birthday.” 

~ Marlee Nelson




“Elise did my solar return for my birthday.  Six months into this year and many of the topics/events in the chart have already occurred.  Elise is gifted with the ability to guide clients in understanding astrology as a blueprint for one's path and making life choices.  Her readings are always from a place of compassion, integrity and love. Thank you, Elise!” 

~ Jade Minkin



“I am always amazed by how accurate the charts are and by Elise's in depth understanding and communication of them.  It is very awe-inspiring to be in the presence of someone who both loves what she is doing and who has mastered a craft!  Elise, you have shown me how intimately connected to the physical universe my body is, but also how my spirit can learn from this knowledge and assert its free will in harmony with said knowledge.”

~ William Hicks

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