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Astricons & Soul Portraits
by William R. Hicks

My husband, William, is a very talented artist.  After years of painting commissioned pieces he realized that his talent lies not only in his artistic ability but also in his ability to channel that which is appropriate for each individual.


He therefore came up with the idea of "Soul Portraits," so we decided to partner up.  With the astronomical insights combined with a brief questionnaire, William will create your own custom Soul Portrait (email us at if this interests you).


He also created the complimentary "Astricons" for the Natal Charts.  These images are a circular triad of a person's Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.  He will also create your Astricon for all of the planetary bodies when you order any consultation package.


You can view William's other artwork on his Facebook page at:

Astricon design by William R. Hicks of Sun, Moon & Rising sign for clients


Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Sagittarius,

& Cancer Rising

What does yours look like?

Order any Consultation Service & get your Customized Astricon Today!



"One" painting by William R. Hicks for client

One     Private Collection    

Acrylic on canvas    36"x72"    2004

"Inner Light" painting by William R. Hicks for client

Inner Light    For Sale    

Acrylic on canvas    15"x30"    2002

"Prosperity Dance" painting by William R. Hicks for a friend

 Prosperity Dance    Private Collection 

Acrylic on canvas    24"x30"    1999

"Spirit Movement" painting by William R. Hicks for Elise

Spirit Movement    Private Collection    Acrylic on canvas    18"x24"   1998

Torch Pass cropped-Copyright.png

Torch Pass    City of Hope Private Collection ~ Prints for Sale   Lithographs    20"x24"    1998

"Sonrisa" painting by William R. Hicks - available for purchase

Sonrisa    For Sale    

Acrylic on canvas    24"x36"    1998

"Yin/Yang" painting by William R. Hicks for Elise

Yin/Yang     Private Collection    Acrylic on canvas    11"x14"    2016

"Visions & Ideals" painting by William R. Hicks for clients

Visions & Ideals    Private Collection  Acrylic on canvas   36"x36"  1999

"Infinite Sunset" painting by William R. Hicks for client

Infinite Sunset   Private Collection  Acrylic on canvas   24"x48"   1998

Click here for Graphic Art

by William

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