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Nodal Shift into Cancer/Capricorn ~ Tribe or Tribalism?

There is a shift in the air. Can you feel it?

Approximately every 19 months the Moon’s Nodes move into their next sign. Unlike the progression of the planets, which move forward through the zodiac, the Moon’s Nodes move in a retrograde fashion backwards through the zodiac.

Since May of 2017 the Nodes have been in the Leo/Aquarius axis, stirring up our longings to shine our individual lights and to discover and live our heart’s path. On November 6th, Election Day in the U.S., the Nodes will shift into the Cancer/Capricorn axis and will bring our focus to family and our role within the greater society as a whole.

Uranus is exactly square the Nodes as they make this shift, inviting us to be quick on our feet as we move into this next phase. The phrase, “expect the unexpected” has often been the theme with intense Uranian aspects. While the exact square happens when Uranus and the Nodes are at 00°00’ in the fixed signs of Taurus and Leo/Aquarius, evoking images of solid structures being shaken to the ground, both Uranus and the Nodal axis will move back into the cardinal signs of Aries and Cancer/Capricorn by mid-day on the 6th. We can expect change to happen swiftly, so if there is a precious position that you hold dear being willing to see another’s point of view just may heal the planet!

During the next 19 months we can expect to see the “power structures” go through major transformation, especially as the South Node conjuncts Pluto and then Saturn in April of 2019. This will be a time when the sure-footed can gain higher ground, while those who are too positioned in tradition and the way things have always been may have a rough time of it, as they witness their world crumbling around them. Change is in the air!


With the North Node in Cancer the tribe is our focus. We all have an innate desire to belong. My invitation is for us to expand our concept of family to include all of those “others” in our world. We truly are one big family of mankind. May we feel the joy of true healing as we open our doors and hearts to those in need of inclusion, lest tribalism diminish our world into more factions than we can count.

Regardless of your role in our world, please take a few moments during the next few days, these last days while the North Node is still in Leo, to center, breathe, and ask yourself why you chose to incarnate into this life? Why are you here? What is your heart’s desire? Your answers and subsequent decisions can make all the difference!

Photo by Kevin Delvecchio on Unsplash

An interesting note ~ The Sabian Symbols for the Nodes once they shift into Cancer/Capricorn:

North Node, 29-30 degrees Cancer:

A Daughter of The American Revolution

South Node,29-30 degrees Capricorn:

A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs

Given that the North Node indicates the present and future, while the South Node is indicative of our past, these particular Sabian Symbols made me smile.

May we all find ourselves enjoying the warmth of family during this next time of our journey and beyond!

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