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S.P.A. for the SOUL

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Every year the sun returns to the exact degree and minute that it was when we were born.  At this moment we get our "Solar Return," which sets up new patterns of energy and potentialities for the coming year. 
Generally, our Solar Return can occur the day before, on, or the day after our birthdays, depending on where on the planet we will be when it occurs.  For 5 hours before and 5 hours after the sun returns to one’s natal position, we have ultra-powerful energies for manifesting and putting into motion exactly the kind of year that we want to create.
What does this next year hold for you?  Find out when your "10 Hours of Power" are! 
Chart, Report, and 1 hour Personal Consultation $275  
Chart & Report Only $25
Solar Return Calculation with Treasure Map
Where and how you spend your birthday/solar return can create ripples that will affect your whole year ahead.
If travel and money are no object, then allow me to present you with the most optimal places for you to usher in your new year.  Decide where to spend your next birthday to create the best possible year ahead!
2 hour Consultation and at least 
5 solar return charts & reports - $595
*Note that this service should be ordered at least 6 months prior to your birthday

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Please send birthdata (date, place, and accurate time, ...
4 minutes makes a difference) along with your city of residence &
where you plan to spend your birthday in an email to:
"Thank you for allowing me to shine a light on your path!"
~ Elise Hicks

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