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Initial Consultation Package

S.P.A. for the SOUL 

Solar Return Packages
Celebrate Your Unique Journey

Every year, as the sun returns to the exact degree and minute of our birth, we experience our Solar Return—an extraordinary event that sets the stage for new patterns of energy and endless possibilities in the coming year.
During the 10-hour period encompassing 5 hours before and after your Solar Return, you possess incredible manifestation power. These "10 Hours of Power" provide a unique opportunity to align your intentions with the universe, shaping the year ahead.
Discover the insights and guidance you need to make the most of your Solar Return with our packages: 
Chart, Report, and 1 hour Personal Consultation $333  
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your Solar Return chart.

  • Receive a detailed report that highlights the themes and energies awaiting you in the coming year.

  • Enjoy a personalized 1-hour consultation to discuss your chart, address your questions, and explore further insights.

Chart & Report Only ($25)  
  • Receive a detailed report of your Solar Return chart, allowing you to delve into its significance at your convenience.

Solar Return Calculation with Treasure Map:
Where and how you spend your birthday and Solar Return can have a profound impact on your entire year. If travel and new experiences are within reach, allow us to present you with the most optimal places to usher in your new year.
Here's what one of our clients had to say about her Solar Return experience:
“…I had the absolute sense that Elise was as excited
for my adventure as I was, and really took the time to help
me explore my options, checking in, and fine tuning...etc.
After studying the charts, and factoring in Covid restrictions etc,
opted for Maui. I followed the advice about how to best use
my “magic time” and I feel really good about this auspicious
start to my year.
will absolutely be applying this 
wonderful service in my life again!”
~ Reham Aarti
The World is Your Oyster Package!  $595
  • Enjoy a 1-hour consultation with Elise, where she provides valuable insights and recommendations based on your Solar Return chart.

  • Receive at least 5 personalized Solar Return charts and reports, exploring the optimal places to spend your birthday and maximize your year.

*Note: This service should be ordered 2-6 months prior to your birthday

To place an order, kindly send your birth data (date, place, and accurate time) along with your city of residence and the location you plan to spend your birthday to:
Thank you for choosing us to illuminate your path!
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At and S.P.A. for the SOUL™, we prioritize your privacy. Rest assured that your information is secure and will only be accessed by Elise Hicks and William Hicks for the purpose of interacting with our astrology clients and providing our astrology services.

Your privacy and trust mean the world to us. We appreciate your business!

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