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Enter the New Earth ~ Uranus in Taurus

We have now begun a whole new cycle as of May 15th, when Uranus moved from Aries (where he had spent the past seven years shaking things up) into Taurus.

In many ways, Uranus and Taurus are complete opposites in nature.

Uranus is the change-maker, the revolutionary instigator of all things new—always moving us toward the future. He likes to innovate and remove any obstacles that are keeping us stuck in our history and the status quo. Sudden change and unexpected surprises are among his favorite things.

Taurus, on the other hand, is a fixed sign and therefore loves the stability of tradition. Sudden change is anathema to Taurus.

I have a vision of Hobbits as I am writing this, since Taurus (the first of the earth signs) loves the smell of freshly tilled earth and all of the wonderful goodness that comes from it. Being ruled by Venus, Taurus loves things that please the senses, including those tangible assets that we consider wealth-producing or the luxuries that wealth allows.

Uranus was the first planet to be “discovered.” Up until March 13, 1781, we only knew of the five planets that we could see with the naked eye. Aptly, he therefore required the invention of the telescope to be revealed.

Uranus, the first of the Trans-Saturnian Planets, affects change on the global stage.

Taking 84 years to travel around the zodiac, the last time that Uranus transited into Taurus was on June 6, 1934 until May 14, 1942, when he moved into Gemini.

Those who know their history know that the last part of the thirties into the early 1940s saw the rise of fascist dictators of the flavor of Hitler and Mussolini, WWII, amid the backdrop of The Great Depression and the New Deal.

At this point in our evolution on this fair planet, I certainly hope that we can avert the repetition of history caused by the monopoly and centralization of currencies and our natural resources.

What I do envision is a complete revision of our monetary system. Alternative means to transact will become main stream, with decentralized crypto-currencies becoming common place as more and more people accept them as an alternative to the failing and uber-inflated petro-dollar. We may even see the long awaited abolishment of The Federal Reserve and other central banks.

Another step toward a Utopian ideal may even be some version of a basic income or cashless society resulting from automation and an efficient management and distribution of resources along the lines of the late Jacques Fresco’s The Venus Project.

Photo by Venus Project

With increasing climate change, major innovations with our food production and a move toward more sustainable practices, such as indoor vertical farming will be necessary.

The distribution of resources will see a revolution with each home having its own 3D printing facility—there will no longer be a need to store “stuff!”

People will once again own their own homes, with their own indoor farms, equipped with rain & moisture capture systems and energy production, whether it is solar, wind, or some other breakthrough wireless innovation, such as nano-crystal technology, the likes of the great Nikola Tesla, who sadly died in debt and penniless.

J.P. Morgan (not surprisingly one of the founders of The Federal Reserve) pulled his funding from Tesla and gave it to Edison in favor of centralized and metered energy, thus resulting in profit and power lines over autonomy and aesthetics.

Hopefully this time around we can get it right as Uranus and Taurus duke it out!

Lastly, given the natures of Taurus and Uranus, we will likely see actual earth changes. Having our own provisions stored in the event of extreme weather events is always a good idea in order to be self-sufficient and self-reliant.

Decentralization and independence are the name of the game!

I do believe that the changes we will witness during the next seven years will be among the most monumental of our lifetimes, but how we adjust to these changes will make all of the difference. We are each creative sovereign beings of free will.

May all of us discover the means to thrive on this beautiful planet of ours as we journey into the New Earth!

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

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