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Eclipse Season is Upon Us!

As our Moon revolves around the Earth, she crosses the ecliptic plane. When she is traveling north and crosses the ecliptic, that creates the North Node, and when she is traveling south and crosses the ecliptic, that creates the South Node. The Nodes of the Moon travel in a retrograde motion (backwards), taking approximately 18 years to travel through the whole zodiac.

This May, they will be moving from the Virgo/Pisces axis into the Leo/Aquarius axis. This will greatly support those of us who are ready to embrace greater sovereignty in our lives. The North Node in Leo is calling for us to step into the spotlight and own our leadership. If you have felt during this past election cycle that there has been a leadership vacuum, perhaps you’ll feel differently in the next few years. Leaders will show up everywhere!

The Moon’s Nodes or “Nodes of Fate” Create Our Eclipses

Each month as the Moon travels through the zodiac, she will travel near the Sun (conjunction) to create the New Moon, then two weeks later, she will travel away from the Sun (opposition) creating a Full Moon. When their degree of conjunction or opposition is close to the Moon’s Nodes, we will be in eclipse season.

Our first eclipse this year is happening on February 10th or 11th depending on where you are in the world. In Washington, D.C. it will happen at 7:32 pm on the 10th. This will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which means that it will be fainter than a total eclipse – it will be at 22°28’ Leo and Aquarius. So it will give us a glimpse of that new Leo/Aquarius nodal energy.

Eclipses reveal something that hasn’t been seen before, so keep your eyes open for some fresh insight. Watch for fated events along with those internal nudges that will keep you progressing on your path. Because they happen on the Nodes of Fate axis, you may meet some important people that feel like appointments with destiny.

There are some wonderful aspects happening with this particular eclipse. A mystic rectangle between the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus, sets off a lively and optimistic energy, while reminding us of the importance of maintaining balance and equilibrium in our relationships. The urge to express independence can turn to rebellion. Be open to the insights that the other in your life is here to reveal to you.

Saturn in Sagittarius is rounding out a grand trine with the Moon and Uranus, while sextiling the Sun and Jupiter. Saturn adds a good dose of grounding patience to what might otherwise be a run-away train of energy. All in all, these aspects are beautiful for propelling you forward along your path. Just make sure that you’ve taken the time to steer yourself in the direction you would like to be moving!

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