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Other Energies Affecting 2017 Planetary Aspects – Part I of II

Part I: The Age of Aquarius

graphic created by William Hicks

As I write about 2017 planetary aspects throughout the year, and their potential impacts on human affairs, I would like to stress that there are both past and current energies, independent of the planetary aspects taking place, which are also having an effect on the present.

This is very important to point out, because as I call upon past events as comparisons to demonstrate energetic 2017 potentialities, it is all within the context of these other energetic influences.

We are moving out of the sign of Pisces and into Aquarius on a Galactic scale, where Earth is in each sign for about 2,160 years. The Age of Pisces began circa 143 B.C. and is represented by the fish, which became linked with Jesus and Christianity. We have all heard about “The Age of Aquarius” or “The Aquarian Age,” and some claim that it officially began on 12/21/2012, the winter solstice, or thereabouts.

I don’t necessarily believe that we’ve entered the Aquarian Age at a particular moment in time, but rather during a broader swath of time. Perhaps this is where cusps have more meaning. Looking back on the vast technological advancements of the 20th Century and at advancements within the social structures of our society, I can see early ripples of the Aquarian Age in the Suffragette movement, the civil rights movement, and the anti-war movement of the 60s.

Pisces tends to represent hierarchical or top down structures, hence organized religions and governments, while Aquarius is more about the power of the people or grass roots movements. More recent examples of the energy of the “Water Bearer” can be seen with the fall of the Soviet Union, the Tea Party and Occupy Wall street movements, the Sanders and Trump rallies, the Women’s March, as well as a more personal form of spirituality.

The power of the people must not be underestimated. For anyone who might be worried about the state of the world in a Post-Trump era, fear not, the people have awakened and are becoming re-imbued with the self-determination that they had long since given away to those who would take their power. No more! The people are emboldened with the energy of Aquarius and are just about ready to take the reins back.

In Part II, I will write about past energetic influences.

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