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With Eclipses & Retrogrades Comes Transformation....

Eclipse season has begun with today’s Super Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

Jupiter, who rules Sagittarius, has recently moved into Pisces, which he also rules. In Pisces, he can expand beyond all limits and dream impossible dreams!

There is something sacred about this energy, and after the confounding and confining past few years that Jupiter spent in Saturn’s signs, Jupiter in Pisces will help us to sanctify our experience of the world. We will be able to take in, assimilate, and understand the beautiful process and purpose behind all the chaos that we’ve been living through.

Given that this eclipse is on the South Node in Sagittarius, the invitation is to release that which is no longer serving us in the realm of limiting beliefs and expand beyond our current boundaries.

How have you siloed yourself and others over the past few years?

It’s time to be curious about those people & ideas who might feel foreign. This will stretch your paradigm and allow you to grow into that greater ideal of yourself!

Check your chart to see where 5° Sagittarius lands. This area of your chart is being transformed.

Remember that you are the one at the helm of your own vessel…steer into your brave new world with clarity of purpose.

Along with eclipse season, Mercury is slowing down to go retrograde this Saturday, May 29th at 25° Gemini, but just before he turns around, one of his besties, Venus, will meet up with him at 24° Gemini on the 28th. This is bound to put a spring in our steps on Friday, but just to be on the safe side, make sure you back up your computers, etc. The trickster, Mercury, loves to play with our technologies, especially those dealing with communication and transportation! He’ll back up to 16° Gemini & then turn direct on June 22nd. He will clear his shadow on July 7th.

Graphic by William R. Hicks

Remember that no planet ever actually goes just seems to. As William's graphic above shows, Mercury will be traveling between the Sun & the Earth...he'll be closer to us for the next few weeks. Hopefully this removes a bit of the mystery.

Mercury has dominion over communication and devices that aid in communication, technology, & tools that we use to get around. While I would never recommend hiding under the covers, I also wouldn't recommend any major purchases or events that you don't want to micromanage...what happens during Mercury retrograde may have to be done twice, especially given that this one is happening in Gemini, and which is ruled by Mercury!

Never fear though, this is a great time to explore all of those right-brained activities that you've been meaning to delve into. Retro Mercury loves to get creative, and in Gemini this may be when you actually begin that book that you've been intending to write! I can hardly wait to see what new and exciting things are birthed during these next few weeks!

In two weeks, on June 10th, the Moon will eclipse the Sun at 19° Gemini where they will both join with retrograde Mercury!

Oh, the tails that we will tell of these amazing days!

Stay tuned....


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