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Venus Retrograde in the Dramatic Sign of Leo!

Our beloved Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony has begun her retrograde journey through the sign of Leo, and we are embarking on a 44-day adventure as we explore matters of the heart with a deeper sense of reflection and introspection. During this time, our relationships and values will undergo a process of reevaluation.

Venus in Leo is generous and warmhearted and craves authenticity and passionate connections. However, whenever a planet is retrograde, its manner of expressing itself may be hindered.

Evening Star Venus
Evening Star Venus in all of her glory!

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

With Venus retrograde, this presents an opportunity to reexamine our needs, desires, and how we express affection. We may find ourselves revisiting past relationships and reevaluating whether certain dynamics in our current relationships truly align with our authentic selves.

It's essential to be mindful of our ego's role during Venus retrograde in Leo. Leo's influence can bring out our desire for attention and validation, but this may not always serve us in the long run. Instead, this is a time to turn inward and reconnect with our own sense of self-love and worthiness.

During this time, embrace the chance to observe any lingering emotions or feelings that may arise. If you find yourself triggered, view it as an opportunity for healing and gaining clarity on what truly matters to you in matters of love.

Be patient with yourself and others during this time, as misunderstandings and emotional intensity may arise.

Venus retrograde in Leo can also be a fantastic time to explore your creative side! You may be surprised by the inspirations that present themselves.

Remember, retrogrades are a natural part of the planetary cycle, and they offer us a chance to pause, reassess, and make adjustments. Trust that this period of introspection will lead you to a deeper understanding of your heart's desires and pave the way for more authentic and fulfilling connections in the future.

Venus is stationed today, July 22nd at 28°36’ Leo and will station direct on September 3rd at 12°12’ Leo.

During Venus retrograde, it's best to avoid making permanent decisions in the realms of love, beauty, and acquiring valuables. Wait until Venus is in direct motion and out of her shadow on October 7, 2023, for more clarity. Venus retrograde amplifies her energy, leading to strong emotional connections and the feeling of finding "the one." Enjoy the blissful feelings and fall in love, but refrain from making serious commitments like marriage until after the retrograde period. They will still be there on October 7th!

Let your heart guide you on this journey of self-discovery during Venus retrograde in Leo, and you may uncover hidden treasures within yourself and your relationships.

With wishes for rejuvenating love,


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