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Venus Retrograde in Scorpio...Hell Hath no Fury....

At a time when many of us are wondering what on Earth is happening in the world, we look up to query the cosmos.

Today, as Senator Collins was speaking on the floor of the United States Senate and expressed her intention to vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, Venus stationed to go retrograde, beginning a 40-day journey through the underworld of Scorpio.

Normally, Venus is content to spread love and invite us to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, but as others have aptly said, “In Scorpio this is not your mother’s Venus!”

Scorpio, the deepest and most desiring of justice of the water signs, compels Venus to become much more intense. No rock will remain unturned as she immerses herself into her exploration of the shadowy realms.

She is her most passionate in Scorpio, for better or for worse—her desires run hot and her feelings are a lot more sensitive.

The phrase, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” has rarely been more appropriate, particularly given the timing of this transit.

Regardless of how the Senate chooses to vote on Saturday, the female archetype has become enraged by this confirmation process. The fact that Mars is squaring Venus adds fuel to the ire!

Photo by Mihai Surdu on Unsplash

It was just under a year ago when Jupiter began his sojourn into Scorpio and #Metoo came into being. As Jupiter is wrapping up his last few days in the sign of secrets, sex, and transformation, Venus is continuing the tough-loving quest to show us the work that we all have to do in our society.

So many women have come forth in this past week to share their own painful and harrowing stories of abuse. There is something so healing about finally allowing secrets to see the light of day, regardless of their immediate impact.

As compelling as the political drama can be, and as tempting as it may be to allow ourselves to get swept up in the outrage of the proceedings, remember that we are all still at cause in our lives. We are responsible for our contributions to the world.

The optimist in me has to believe that this is all part of a grand process in our evolutionary path. There is much more going on than any of us can fully comprehend. This is a time that will be remembered as a pivotal time in history.

Women and those who work and advocate on behalf of women’s rights have been galvanized by these events, and under the beams of Venus in Scorpio they will be a force to be reckoned with!


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