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Taurus New Moon Brings New Beginnings

The New Moon in Taurus is giving us a lovely chance to get caught up with our To Do lists, but we may also want to just BE!

What does it feel like to be in your body?

With this New Moon we have the perfect opportunity to check in and ask our bodies if there is anything that we could give them or perhaps there’s something that our body wants us to remove…is it time to finally eliminate something that you know deep down might not be for your highest good?

Either way, give yourself the gift of being present to the messages of your beloved vehicle for your soul.

This New Moon has the Sun & Moon at 21°18’ Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn & sextile Neptune in Pisces. There is a flowing and nourishing energy here that is extremely fertile for planting new seeds!

This deliciously earthy lunar cycle is inviting you to fully step into your sensual body and something wonderful wants to be conceived!

New Moon Intentions:

From now until May 15th, you have a nice window of time to write your intentions!

I like to combine my intentions based around the themes of the zodiacal sign, so this month we will be focusing on Taurus as well as the house that the New Moon landed in.

Here are the Taurus themes:

· The Physical Senses

· Sensuality

· Monetary Resources/Income

· Art Appreciation/Creation

· Accumulation of Objects that Will Stand the Test of Time

· Patience/Releasing Stubbornness

Where does 21° Taurus land in your chart?

· 1st House ~ The Self/Body

· 2nd House ~ Possessions/Our Own Resources/Values

· 3rd House ~ Early/Education/Communication/Writing/ Siblings/Neighbors

· 4th House ~ Home/Real Estate/Foundation/Ancestry

· 5th House ~ Fun/Love & Romance/Creativity/Children/Speculation

· 6th House ~ Health/Pets/Work/Job

· 7th House ~ Marriage/Partners/Open Enemies

· 8th House ~ Partner’s Resources/Inheritances/Metaphysics

· 9th House ~ Higher Learning/Long Distance Travel/Philosophy

· 10th House ~ Career/How One Shows Up in the World

· 11th House ~ Friends/Groups & Associations/Hopes & Dreams

· 12th House ~ Solitude/Confinement/Secrets/Selfless Service to Others/Spiritual Enlightenment

Coming Attractions

Eclipse Season

With this Taurus New Moon, we are now approaching eclipse season, (the Full Moon in two weeks will be a Lunar Eclipse at 5°26’ Sagittarius).

Be conscious of the people who come into your life over the next month, for they may be incredibly significant to you in your future.

Mercury Retrograde

We are also fast approaching the next Mercury retrograde cycle…the shadow begins on May 14th, when Mercury arrives at 16°08’ Gemini.

He stations retrograde on May 29th at 24°43’ Gemini and he’ll back up to 16°08’ on June 22nd when he will station direct…he completes this retro cycle on July 7th, when he arrives at 24°43’ and therefore emerges from the shadow.

This is not a good period to schedule surgeries, unless you would like to redo them, and important communications can lead to misunderstandings. Many people also experience technological and travel issues.

Jupiter Ingress into Pisces…

Jupiter is about to dip his toe into one of his favorite signs…on May 13th, he’ll venture into one of his signs, Pisces (the other being Sagittarius), where he will spend just a few months until July 28th, when he will retrograde back into Aquarius.

This will give us all a taste of next year, when he will move into Pisces for good…and we know that Jupiter expands whatever he touches…

Pisces is the sign of music, art, inspiration, imagination, and spirituality, so be on the lookout as to how this energy wants to manifest through you!

The cosmic clock is always ticking and evolving the unfolding story…as above, so below, and so within, so without…

How we embrace the tides will make all the difference in our lives.

Enjoy these luscious days of springtime!


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