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The Golden Shears & the Leo New Moon

Several times a week, I think of an aspect that is being formed in our sky, and William and I will say, “That should be a post!” but life is so busy and full, and these precious posts don’t often get written.

We’ve had a lot going on in our lives. Over the weekend, we hosted a Zoom Memorial for our dear friend, Joel, who passed last year.

Joel Voelzke on an Alaskan Cruise

Joel and I worked together in several capacities. As his realtor, I helped him buy his “castle on the hill” in Malibu. In 2012, I was helping him buy some income property when he asked me how real estate had been. I told him that it had been very slow since the real estate crash, to which he replied, “Well here’s a thought…I need an assistant.”

Joel was a very successful IP attorney. He and I had been dear friends since before he started to study for the bar. When I started to work with him, I thought that it would only be for about 6 months, but months turned into years. Working with him shifted our dynamic a bit. We were able to keep our friendship in perspective, but he still signed checks to me, so that alters a friendship to a degree.

These past few years I felt in my heart that it was nearing time to move on and fully dive into my own business endeavors. Although I felt that working with him was coming to an end, I never realized that our soul contract was that I would be with him until he moved on. On April 28th after several days of his not returning phone calls, texts, and emails, William and I drove up to find him after his fatal heart attack. Joel was a Leo…Leo is ruled by the Sun, which rules the heart.

Oh, Joel! You were only 58, with so much more potential living before you!

Joel was a very dynamic and vital man, with a heart of gold and a very soft spot for an underdog. He was very discerning in business and loved what he did for a living.

Through the years, lawyers have gotten a bad rap, but there are and were some really good ones! In days gone by when kings and queens had disputes between their realms, their knights would joust to decide which side should win a disagreement. Today, our attorneys are our modern-day knights. The process is a bit arbitrary and begs the question: How do we know if the right side won? Great question! This system isn’t perfect, but it’s what we’ve got, and with the right preparation and providence, one can only trust and hope.

Joel was among the whitest of knights! I was fortunate to witness several of his big wins for his clients who needed him to defend their patents or trademarks.

Photo by Cas Holmes on Unsplash

He worked very long, close to 10-hour days behind his desk, and would often see his yardwork as his exercise. He lived on a ravine, an acre of land overlooking the Pacific Ocean, which he was determined to keep weeded so that fire season wouldn’t be a concern for him. That last weekend in April was a particularly hot one here in southern California. According to his neighbors he was working many long hours with his weed whacker. There was even a rope attached to his back staircase, with which he was apparently repelling down into the ravine, and he was seen on a hill across from his property. Our guess is that if he had not pushed himself so hard and had come in perhaps a half an hour earlier, he would still be with us.

Thank God William was with me when I found Joel! As I sat in Joel’s living room with the first responders while we waited for the coroner, I remembered the time years ago when he said, “Elise, there may come a day when you’ll have a dead attorney on your hands. You will need to know what to do to close my practice.”

There were 135 clients to be contacted, along with his wonderful circle of close friends. Every call re-opened the wound for more healing, but I was too numb.

I am grateful for the Practice Administrator who the California State Bar assigned to help me close Joel’s business, and for William’s steadfast and unwavering love for me. He immediately said, “Our own business is flexible, so I’ll do whatever you need me to do.” He’s very handy with databases and Excel, as well as a dolly for moving dozens of file boxes! Together, we closed Joel’s practice and then moved on to prepping one of his condos for sale.

Last year when people would ask me about a memorial, I’d say, “I think next year on his birthday…hopefully by then we’ll have some sense of how to handle COVID gatherings.” There was never a question of whether the 31st would be a good day astrologically. My guides were clear, it would be a good day, so we booked the date, and I prepared a video of over 150 photos sent to me by his two surviving sisters and several of Joel's close friends and clients, which I put to music in PowerPoint. I woke up Saturday morning and realized that Joel would have been 60 years old on this birthday.

Mystic Rectangle

I peeked at his solar return chart (yes people’s astrology charts continue to be in play even after they’ve passed) and was blown away at the beautiful symmetry of Saturn, the Sun, and the Moon’s Nodes forming a "mystic rectangle." There was a “meant to be tone” and it sure played out in how the memorial went. Given the logistics of various family members and friends of Joel’s being in other parts of the world, a Zoom Memorial became the perfect way to honor Joel. It was a wonderful time to share stories and reminisce!

The other morning as William was about to head out the door, he invited me to take a long bath and do the “Golden Shears Exercise.” This got me to realizing that with Juno conjunct the South Node, I couldn’t let the moment pass. The asteroid goddess (Hera in Greek mythology), representative of committed partnership(s) with the South Node would be a key time for releasing any outworn bonds that are no longer serving, much like when a baby is born, and the umbilical cord is cut. This is a very “sticky” universe, and as we are learning from “entanglement” we create co-dependent bonds with people, which keep us from becoming our true potential.

A past teacher of ours would always say,

“There is no place where God ends, and I begin.”

Well, this is our true nature, so we don’t need 3D & 4D energetic cords holding us back like anchors. They are not and never have been the source of our good. God is our only source and supply, who is constantly sending us our good through many different people and opportunities. It is our fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs that restrict us to particular people, jobs, businesses, etc. When we cut the cords with others, we can allow our direct line to Source to be our source of abundance in all areas of our life.

This week up until the New Moon on Sunday we have a SUPER powerful and potent opportunity to release ANY bonds that are keeping you from fully being your liberated beautiful self!

The Golden Shears Exercise

It’s quite simple…you get into a very relaxed position, possibly in a nice warm bath, while turning off all distractions. I like to play soothing meditation music and drop essential oils in the water. Once you are in a relaxed state, you bring to mind anyone with whom you think you have energetic cords. These could be people from either the past or the present, and both people we love or don’t particularly like that much. The fact of the matter is that no energetic cords are healthy. We may think that they are how we stay connected to those we love, but they are low-vibrational attachments based on fear.

We are and always will be attached to them via high-vibrational & dimensional oneness and love. That is the key, so we need to sever the low vibrational cords, like I mentioned with umbilical cords. When the person is in front of you, you ask him or her if they are ready to cut the cord. If they refuse, then you ask their higher self, who always says yes. The point of this is to assess where the other person is with your relationship, for your own personal edification. Do what you will with that information.

After their higher self says yes, then you grab the golden shears and cut the cord. Once the cord has been cut, then you must gently pull the tangling cords from their solar plexus, base, or heart chakras and from yours, and then bury them in the ground or burn them in a caldron, to return them to the Infinite Quantum Field and the Source of all creation. When you feel complete, then you will want to surround yourself with a golden light like an egg, to protect you from all future attachments. There are vampire-like people out there always looking to others for their good, for their energy, usually unconsciously, but these cords do not serve them or you.

Joel on his boat

Joel was a well-rounded man, who loved to enjoy life. He worked hard and played hard. He loved the outdoors and often donated to organizations like The Nature Conservancy. He loved to go on long rides, even road trips on his motorcycle(s). He loved a wide variety of music and had season tickets to the L.A. Philharmonic, the Hollywood Bowl, and to the Lakers’ games where he would host his friends and clients. What he loved most was to get out onto his sailboat.

William wrote a poem for the memorial, which we made into a brief video tribute. We hope that you enjoy it!

"The Sailor" by William Hicks

Leo New Moon

On Sunday, August 8th at 6:50 am PDT, we will have this year’s Leo New Moon. This is a potent one as it will be triggering the tension of this year’s Saturn / Uranus square (the Sun & Moon are opposing Saturn in Aquarius & square to Uranus in Taurus). As we’ve discussed previously, the Saturn / Uranus square has been the primary theme of 2021. We are in the midst of releasing the old in order to make way for the new. This does not mean that everything old or traditional must be destroyed. We are being called to be discerning of that which is no longer serving and find a way, (preferably as peacefully as possible) to release it/them.

To help alleviate the tension, we will also have a mediating aspect of Chiron trine the New Moon & sextile Saturn. This invites us to surrender our wounds to the divine in order for them to be healed.

This Leo New Moon will also land during the time of the Lion’s Gate, when we will have the heliacal rise of Sirius, our Sun’s spiritual Sun. This is a very special time to take time to meditate and bring in the highly evolved energy of our Sun’s Sun.

Photo by Luke Tanis on Unsplash

To recap, from now until the New Moon, which will happen at 6:50 am, PDT on August 8th, we have a brilliant window of time to meditate and do the “Golden Shears” exercise. I have made a list of every person with whom I have some form of relationship. Many people on the list are dear beloved friends and family. My intention is to free us both of any lower form of energetic bond, which may be holding us both back from our fullest expression. Some of you who are reading this may be on my list. Please do this exercise with me. Let’s see how high we can fly!!!

Once we are on the other side of the New Moon and the Moon is beginning her journey toward fullness (waxing), we have several beautiful windows of time to write our New Moon Intentions. The first will be on Sunday the 8th up until 5:22 am PDT on August 9th when the Moon goes void with her opposition to Jupiter. Then there’s another window from August 9th at 7:55 am PDT until August 11th at 4:21 am PDT, and another from August 11th at 1:08 pm PDT until August 13th at 5:01 pm PDT.

Some of the more positive Leonine themes are:

  • Creative

  • Romantic

  • Regal

  • Dramatic

  • Dignified

  • Loyal

  • Self-assured

  • Proud

  • Generous

  • Playful

  • Determined

  • Willful

Have fun cutting the cords from your past to create the life of your dreams, and thank you for being on this journey with me!


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