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Scorpio Solar Eclipse

The Sun and Moon have conjoined within 18° of one of the lunar nodes and eclipse season is officially upon us!

Given that Venus just met up with the Sun in Libra right before they both dove into the waters of Scorpio, and they’re both traveling at similar speeds, Venus is also aligned with this New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 02° Scorpio… so she will add her passionate intensity to the mix. She is a very different Venus in Scorpio than she is in Libra!

Photo by NASA

This is a potent and personal one for the United States.

All of the planets above are in the 1st House (for Washington D.C.) along with the South Node, indicating that there are fertile seeds to be planted as well as something to be released…

It’s an opportunity to take one step closer to that more perfect union. Of course, every step closer to the future is a step further from the past… and that’s okay. Let’s just not throw the baby out with the bathwater!

There is much to be said over the coming weeks, and what is said will be noticed by all of us.

Mercury is on a World Point** and resting on the Libra ascendant trine Mars, who is slowing down and prepping to turn around (go retrograde) in Gemini, and they are both trine Saturn in Aquarius, who just stationed to go direct. Since Mars and Saturn are the two ancient malefics, and Mercury rules communication and transportation, words could get pretty passionate and serious… but at least trines are more harmonious than squares!

I trust that Mercury in Libra’s penchant for diplomacy will be an ally with our words. Mercury is also in a T-square with Eris in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, so let us all be extra mindful that our words are coming from the most elevated place.

There is a lot of misinformation and disinformation floating around out there.

May we remember to consider the source and the motivations behind the information that reaches our ears and eyeballs. It’s always a good idea to follow the money and power, and as in a court room there are always two sides… it’s up to us to be discerning!

Scorpio New Moon Intention Themes:

  • Passion/Intensity

  • Empowerment

  • Motivation

  • Transformation

  • Resourcefulness – Crisis skills

  • Investigative

  • Transcending Suspicion, Vindictiveness & Power Struggles

There are several excellent windows of time to do your New Moon Intention setting ceremony:

Note: I do not recommend setting intentions when the Moon is void-of-course (VOC). The closing aspect (the last aspect that the Moon makes when she goes VOC) is key to setting the tone.

  • The closing aspect when the Scorpio Moon goes VOC on October 26th at 9:27 pm PDT, is a sextile to Pluto, though the Moon will square Saturn earlier in the day at 8:30 am, so I will be writing a few intentions (those that are very “Scorpionicly” themed) in the evening (far enough away from the orb of that Saturn square) and just before the sextile.

  • The next window will open when the Moon moves into Sagittarius at 3:54 am PDT, on October 27th and run until October 29th at 6:10 am PDT, when she squares Jupiter, (who will have just retrograded out of Aries and back into Pisces for the last time). Normally, I don’t recommend working with squares in the VOC, but given that the Moon in Sagittarius will be the guest of Jupiter, who will also be in his other home sign of Pisces, this could be a very juicy time to write your intentions! Plus, I personally like the Jupiter squares…the worst that generally comes of them is the Jupiter becomes a lot more EXTRA!

  • Setting intentions under the waxing crescent is another possibility. The Moon moves into Capricorn at 6:21 am on October 29th and then goes VOC at 8:14 am on the 31st with a sextile to Jupiter.

Happy intending! Remember that the more that you are focused on creating the world that you want to live in…one that works for everyone the easier each of our journeys will be…

Enjoy your journey and know that you are always in the right place at the right time!

With love & blessings,


PS: If you are feeling called for some astrological guidance to see what your future has in store for you, then consider my Initial Consultation HERE, or one of my other services HERE.

PPS: I know that every election season we hear, "This is the most important election...!" This one is. Here's a great resource to help you make sure that you're still registered, etc.: Register To Vote With HeadCount | Voter Registration & Information

** When planets transit the World Axis points — 0 degrees or 22.5 degrees of the cardinal signs, 15 degrees of the fixed signs, or 7.5 degrees of the mutable signs — we expect world-shaking events. 16th Harmonic


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