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Time to be Mindful ~ Pride Goeth Before the Fall

Starting today, July 1st & culminating on July 4th we have a potent dynamic happening. As you know, the major theme of 2021 is the Saturn/Uranus square in the fixed signs of Aquarius & Taurus.

Well Mars is in Leo moving right into position to oppose Saturn today, and then on the 3rd he’ll square Uranus. What’s even more exciting is that on the 4th of July the Moon will be joining the party with Uranus in Taurus to square both Saturn and Mars.

Any of you with planets or sensitive points between 11-14 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, & Aquarius) will undoubtedly be feeling this.

This could be kicking up our more stubborn/rebellious sides along with a dose of “my way or the highway!”

Let’s focus on our underlying intentions and be clear about our true goals; the question, “Is this the hill I want to die on?” may need to be internally asked over the next few days.

This is a great time to get clear on your Personal Mission Statement…the good kind of PMS! Every great corporation has a Mission Statement, but do we as individuals?

My intention is to make the most positive impact possible on those around me & the world.

Our Mission Statements are works in progress, ever evolving as we are. What is yours?

How often do you think about the difference that you are making? Are you a beneficial presence in the world? What are your Core Principles?

When we focus on these, we naturally rise above whatever external circumstances seem to be challenging us. They become a rudder for us during turbulent times or even during those moments when someone “gets your goat!”

These next few days will help you to get clear on what is most important to you. Be mindful that your will may get activated. This will be a great time to neutrally observe how your interactions with others go.

When we apply our will without a sensitivity to the natural timing of life—recklessly pushing through without patience can lead to disastrous results, or at the very least will rarely bring the results that we are wanting.

Be patient with yourself. Are you trying to push through some endeavor? Does it feel natural? Years ago, an old dear friend shared this with me: “You don’t have to push a wheelbarrow downhill!”


When energy is heightened, I recommend using essential oils that relax you.

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