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Navigating the Virgo New Moon: A Kite in the Celestial Skies

On this day, September 14, 2023, at 6:40 p.m. PDT, the universe orchestrates a cosmic dance that invites us to delve into the intricate details of our lives. As an astrologer, I'm here to guide you through the labyrinthine patterns etched across the sky. This Virgo New Moon arrives with a special celestial arrangement: a kite pattern that promises both stability and elevation.

There is a lot going on in the heavens, so let’s dive in…

The Virgo New Moon: Precision and Clarity

The Virgo New Moon, residing at 21°59', radiates the energy of precision, clarity, and meticulous attention to detail. Virgo, ruled by Mercury, compels us to sift through the grains of our existence, sorting, analyzing, and perfecting. It's the season for refining our skills, tidying up our routines, and nurturing the earthy aspects of life.

Kite Pattern in the Sky
Kite Pattern in the Sky

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The Kite Pattern: Soaring to New Heights

What sets this New Moon apart is its position in a kite pattern, an arrangement of planets that forms a diamond in the sky. Imagine a kite tethered to the earth by a string yet soaring to great heights. That's the energy this pattern brings into our lives.

Trine: Jupiter and Uranus

Our Virgo New Moon forms harmonious trines with two powerful forces: Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. Jupiter's expansiveness combines with Uranus's innovative spark, like a gardener planting seeds in fertile soil. This blend of earthy stability and visionary enthusiasm offers us the opportunity to manifest our dreams with practicality and flair!

Opposite: Neptune in Pisces

This Virgo Moon also stands in opposition to Neptune in Pisces, creating a delicate balance between reality and dreams. While Virgo grounds us in the practical, Neptune invites us to swim in the ocean of imagination. This dance challenges us to find the sweet spot between idealism and pragmatism.

Trine: Pluto in Capricorn

Adding depth to this celestial composition, our New Moon also trines Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto's transformative power aligns with our drive for perfection. It encourages us to dig deep, to unearth buried treasures within ourselves, and to harness our inner power for meaningful change.

The Jupiter/Pluto Midpoint: Finding Our Power

The final celestial gem of the kite is the Sun and Moon's tight opposition to the midpoint between Jupiter and Pluto. This alignment echoes the kite's diamond shape, emphasizing the themes of power and transformation. It's a call to acknowledge our own power, to see the potential for growth even in challenging times!

The Minor Harmonic Aspects: Quadnovile and Biquintile

  • This New Moon brings us more celestial gifts with its quadnovile aspect to Saturn in Pisces. This unique pattern reminds us to bring a holistic focus to our world. Everyone is a part of the whole, even those we don’t agree with.

  • The biquintile aspect to the North Node and Eris in Aries adds an extra layer of inspiration. It's a reminder that our path forward may require some calculated risks. Trust your instincts, for this aspect whispers, "In your quest for precision and order, don't forget the beauty of spontaneity. Sometimes, the greatest insights and breakthroughs come from the unexpected. Embrace the adventure!"

The House Matters:

This Virgo New Moon takes residence in a specific house of your birth chart, casting its luminous glow on a particular area of your life. Whether it's career, creativity, or relationships, this Sun/Moon conjunction brings opportunities for evolution in our quest for perfection. Curious about where it will land in your chart?

Read on to see where the Virgo New Moon will land based on your rising sign:

  • Aries Rising (6th House): This New Moon highlights your daily routines and health habits. It's an excellent time to start a new exercise or diet regimen, and it can bring fresh energy to your work life.

  • Taurus Rising (5th House): The focus is on your creativity and love life. You might be inspired to start a new hobby, artistic project, or deepen a romantic connection.

  • Gemini Rising (4th House): Home and family matters take center stage. You may feel a strong desire to declutter, renovate, or spend quality time with loved ones.

  • Cancer Rising (3rd House): Communication and learning are key themes. You might start a new course, writing project, or engage in important conversations with siblings or neighbors.

  • Leo Rising (2nd House): This New Moon sparks your finances and values. It's a great time to create a budget, invest in something valuable, or explore financial opportunities.

  • Virgo Rising (1st House): As the New Moon occurs in your sign, it's a powerful time for personal growth. Focus on self-improvement, set new health goals, or launch a self-care routine.

  • Libra Rising (12th House): The New Moon affects your inner world and spirituality. Use this time for meditation, exploring dreams, and releasing what no longer serves you.

  • Scorpio Rising (11th House): Social connections and aspirations are in the spotlight. You might join a new group, set new goals, or strengthen your social network.

  • Sagittarius Rising (10th House): Career and public image come into focus. It's a favorable time for setting career goals and gaining recognition.

  • Capricorn Rising (9th House): The New Moon emphasizes your philosophical beliefs and higher learning. Plan a trip, start a new course, or explore your spiritual side.

  • Aquarius Rising (8th House): Shared resources and transformation are key. You may decide to merge finances or embark on a deep inner journey.

  • Pisces Rising (7th House): Relationships take center stage. New connections or changes in existing partnerships may occur. It's an excellent time for compromise and balance.

Intentions can be set anywhere!
Intentions can be set anywhere!

Photo by Kelvin Han on Unsplash

Optimal Times to Set Your Intentions:

When it comes to writing your New Moon intentions, timing is key to harnessing the full magic of this celestial moment. The Moon's energy is like a cosmic tide, ebbing and flowing with the rhythm of the heavens. To align your intentions with the most potent energetic currents, consider these optimal windows:

  • Right After the New Moon in Virgo: The Moon will trine Uranus at 6:49 a.m., on September 15th, so the most wonderful and potent time for your intentions is between 6:40 p.m. this evening & 6:49 a.m. tomorrow morning, Pacific time.

  • The next window will begin on September 17th at 9:58 p.m. and conclude at 3:21 a.m. on the 20th.

Soaring on the Cosmic Winds…

As we ponder this Virgo New Moon caught in the embrace of a kite pattern, we're reminded of the intricate balance between grounding ourselves in reality and soaring to new heights of imagination.

This celestial arrangement invites us to embrace innovation, transformation, and the

wisdom to know when to take a leap of faith!

So, my fellow new thought leaders, under this Virgo New Moon, tethered to the earth but lifted by the cosmic winds, let us find the courage to chase our dreams with practical magic, and dance gracefully along the delicate line between our aspirations and the world as it is. For in this balance, we discover our true power and the limitless potential of our souls…

Also as the Moon grows in light over the coming weeks, we are also bolstered by Mercury's Direct Station tomorrow, September 15th. This will be a relief to any of us who have noticed some retrograde shenanigans!

May your journey be filled with clarity, purpose, and the joy of discovery…and may your heart remain open to our universe’s mysteries!


PS: Are you a visionary yearning for more in life, having achieved success, but sensing there's a greater purpose waiting for you?

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