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Mercury's Dance: Navigating the Retrograde Rhythm in Virgo Season

Thank God for Mercury Retrograde!

Have you ever heard anyone say that?

In fact, thank God for all of the retrogrades! If we didn’t have these periodic times to pause and review, life would be a frantic race... and let’s face it, life is busy enough.

Bless the pauses, which invite us to reflect, review, redo, etc.…all of the "re" words!

On this Mercury's (Woden's/Wednes) day, of all days, Mercury stops today, August 23rd at 12:59 p.m., PDT, at 21°51’ Virgo, just hours after the Sun entered Virgo, and will be retracing his steps back to 08°00’ Virgo where he will station to go direct on September 15, 2023.

Mercury is very happy in the detail-oriented sign of Virgo (Mercury rules both Virgo and Gemini), so this period should be an especially propitious time for all of us to embrace the celestial dance of Mercury in its joyful alignment with meticulous Virgo.

As this cosmic bond weaves its influence, a window of opportunity opens before us—an auspicious moment to engage in the art of refinement. Just as a skilled craftsman hones their masterpiece, let us also turn our attention to the intricate details of our endeavors.

In the realm of Virgo, precision is the brushstroke of genius, and the coming weeks invite us to embark on a journey of thoughtful editing and mindful perfection. The fact that the timing of this retrograde period syncs up perfectly with the Sun in Virgo illuminates and emphasizes the importance of tying up the details.

This reminds me of when William and I finally published our book, "Wings: The Journey Home," after many years of writing it off and on. In the final weeks before publication, we must have edited it over 50 times between the two of us, as well as a host of others we both trusted and hired!

May this harmonious convergence inspire us to shape our projects with intention, transforming them into exquisite expressions of purpose and grace.

When Mercury is retrograde, we are bathed in ions as Mercury makes his transit between the Earth and the Sun, so we feel his energy more intensely.

It’s a good idea to be extra mindful during this time…taking care to stay grounded. I recommend taking salt baths, getting out into nature as much as possible, walking barefoot (earthing), and breathing deeply to give our nervous systems a soothing respite.

Earthing near the shore
The simple act of walking barefoot connects us with the very pulse of the Earth (earthing)

If you’d like some quick reminders for how to navigate the times when Mercury is retrograde, click here for 5 Ways to Survive & Thrive during Mercury Retrograde!

Over these next few weeks, may you enjoy this cosmic pause and embrace the unfolding beauty of this Virgo season, where every moment holds the promise of delight and the joy of rediscovering what truly inspires you.

Wishing you much love, and many blessings,


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I'd love to illuminate your path!


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