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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

It’s that time again… not only are we in eclipse season, but Mercury has also just stationed retrograde!

This year, the Mercury Retrograde phases are happening in the earth signs. Earth signs are all about our tangible world…what we can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste.

With Taurus in particular, ruled by Venus, think about planting seeds in a garden, artistic endeavors, beautiful things, luxury, and the finer things in life.

This is a great time to thoroughly and methodically review your creative ideas and how to best express them in the world versus hastily casting them out there before they are ready to take root.

Mercury has slowed to a stop at 15°37’ Taurus, on the world point, which means that we can expect big news over the next 3 weeks!

He stopped just a couple of degrees from Uranus…

This brings some potentially delightful surprises amid the inherent confusion that Mercury retrogrades tend to bring!

Mercury is the planet that is closest to our Sun so he zips around the Sun pretty quickly. During the majority of his journey, he is traveling around the backside of the Sun, but when he travels between the Sun and the Earth, he appears to be traveling in the opposite direction. That’s all that is happening.

This is important because Mercury is the densest planet in the solar system, so being between the Sun and the Earth tends to affect all things electrical…including your nervous system!

That being said, this is a good time to take relaxing salt baths, use your essential oils, meditate, and do any activity that calms your mind and body.

No planet is actually going backwards when they are retrograde…they just appear to be (see William’s graphic – not to scale).

Mercury will station direct on May 14th at 05°51’ Taurus, and then will move forward back over the territory that he traversed while he was retrograde (this is the post retrograde shadow).

He will leave his shadow on May 31st when he reaches 15°37’ again.

Remember to breathe and be grateful for this opportunity to slow down and reassess all of the wonderful things that you are up to. This is a great gift, especially during eclipse season!

William and I put together a Mercury retrograde survival guide to help you navigate the next 3 weeks. Click Here to get your 5 Ways to Survive & Thrive during Mercury Retrograde!

Enjoy this time of reflection, reviewing, revision… all the re- words!

Remember that this life is a gift and you have an important part to play!

Until next time, William and I send you our love and we are picturing you blissfully loving the life that you are creating!

~ Elise

P.S. Please reach out if you are ready for to transform your life:


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