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Luscious Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Get ready to embrace the rich tapestry of earthly experiences, as the celestial dance graces us with a luscious Lunar Eclipse in Taurus!

With the Moon joining Jupiter in the reliable and sensual sign of Taurus, this eclipse promises a tantalizing invitation to savor the simple pleasures of life.

tea, book, candles, and fall ambiance
Savor the simple pleasures of life, which includes time for tea & a good book

Photo by Svitlana on Unsplash

Despite the crisp autumn air (in the northern hemisphere), there's an undeniable sense of springtime in the cosmic breeze.

This eclipse, occurring on October 28th at 1:14 p.m. PDT, arrives like a blooming bouquet of flowers in the middle of fall.

It encourages us to bask in the abundance of the present moment and to find joy and gratitude in the sheer miracle of being alive.

The universe, however, always provides a nuanced balance…

The Moon's opposition to the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in deep and transformative Scorpio reminds us that, just like the season, life is a cyclical journey. It beckons us to delve into the depths of our shadows, to explore the enigmatic realms of our emotions, and to embrace our own transformative potential.

In this unique cosmic blend, you might find an invitation to explore the mysteries of Tantra. Taurus' sensuality coupled with Scorpio's intensity creates a potent cocktail of energy, encouraging us to connect with both the earthly and the esoteric aspects of our existence.

This partial Lunar Eclipse will occur at 5°03’ Taurus.

Unfortunately, it will not be visible from the United States due to the daytime hours, but if you reside in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia, you'll be in for a treat, especially with Jupiter right next to the moon!

Partial Lunar Eclipse
Partial Lunar Eclipse

Photo by Jacob Dyer on Unsplash

For those who can't witness it directly, fret not. Several live streams will enable you to enjoy the eclipse from the comfort of your screen.

You can find more information and resources to catch this awe-inspiring event here:

This Lunar Eclipse is part of the Saros 146 cycle, which is currently in its 11th occurrence out of 72. The inaugural eclipse in this Saros Series dates back to 1843, and the final eclipse is anticipated in 3123. The relative youth of this cycle hints at the birth of new evolutionary phases.

Regarding this family of eclipses, Bernadette Brady, the renowned authority on Eclipses, provides thought-provoking insights:

“The joy of love, to take action based on feelings, the desire to become a mother. Physical stress, separating from others, necessary changes.”

Locate where 5°03’ Taurus falls in your birth chart, and that House is being activated by this eclipse. The following is based on whole-sign houses:

Aries Rising (2nd House): This eclipse emphasizes your values, self-worth, and resources. It may prompt changes in your income or self-esteem.

Taurus Rising (1st House): The eclipse highlights your self-identity and body. You might undergo personal transformations or experience shifts in how you present yourself.

Gemini Rising (12th House): This eclipse pertains to your inner world, spirituality, and secrets. Expect potential shifts in your spiritual practices or hidden aspects of your life.

Cancer Rising (11th House): Your social circles and future goals are emphasized. This eclipse could bring changes within your friendships and long-term objectives.

Leo Rising (10th House): Career, public image, and reputation are in focus. You may experience shifts in your professional life and how you're perceived in your career.

Virgo Rising (9th House): This eclipse relates to your beliefs, education, and travel. Changes may occur in your philosophy or your opportunities for learning and exploration.

Libra Rising (8th House): The eclipse affects shared resources, intimacy, and transformation. You may encounter financial changes or deeper emotional experiences.

Scorpio Rising (7th House): Relationships and partnerships are highlighted. Expect shifts in your connections with others, particularly in your personal or business relationships.

Sagittarius Rising (6th House): Your work, health, and daily routines are emphasized. You might undergo changes in your job or health habits.

Capricorn Rising (5th House): Creativity, love, and self-expression are in focus. You may experience shifts in your romantic life or creative endeavors.

Aquarius Rising (4th House): This eclipse pertains to your home and family life. You could experience changes within your domestic sphere, perhaps a change of residence.

Pisces Rising (3rd House): The eclipse affects your mental processes and communication. Expect potential shifts in how you think, write, or speak.

As you prepare for this magical Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, remember that life's tapestry is woven with both light and shadow. Embrace the richness of your existence, explore the depths of your emotions, and savor the earthly pleasures as you journey through this extraordinary cosmic event!

Forest in fall with sunlight streaming
Embrace the richness of life's light & shadows

Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

May your life be adorned with love, beauty, peace, and graceful transformation!


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