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Loving Our Polarities ~ Mars Catches Up to Venus!

The heavens are quite active this week! The Full Moon happened at 8:56am PST this morning at 28° Leo.

The Full Moon chart is packed with several juicy components. First, the Sun and Moon are squaring the Lunar Nodes, creating a grand cross, which is bound to stir up some karmic energies!

Another uncanny aspect is the Mars/Venus conjunction, which I have circled.

For the past 3 weeks, Mars has been pursuing his lover, Venus, and finally caught up with her this morning at 16°53’ Capricorn.

Now as much as the imagery of an ardent and exalted Mars in Capricorn on his journey of conquest may stir our imaginations, it is quite rare for Mars to be the one to move into conjunction with Venus. Given that she is much closer to the Sun, her speed is normally much faster than his, so it is usually Venus who catches up to Mars once a year, but this year Venus has just been in her retrograde cycle, and therefore she is traveling much slower than usual.

What this means for you is that things may be feeling a bit more assertive in the area of love! You may be the “asserter” or the “assertee” based on your birth chart and personality. As with any aspect in astrology, it should be perceived with all of the other factors, just as a meteorologist must do.

We have all heard of the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” but it also depends on where Mars and Venus fall in our charts! So if you don’t know this, then you definitely want to get your Natal Chart…you can CLICK HERE for that.

After their union, the 2 of them will be traveling together for the next several weeks

They’ll bring their lovefest to Pluto on March 3rd, and then Venus will finally catch up to Mars as they both leave Pluto & Capricorn, and venture into the new frontier of the much more progressive sign of Aquarius on March 5th. They come together on the same degree (0°) that Jupiter & Saturn conjoined back on the Solstice of 2020…remember the “Christmas Star?”

All of this is to say that even though Valentine’s Day was on Monday, the theme of love is still very much in the air for the next few weeks!

But it might not be all butterflies and rainbows while the god of war and the goddess of love & beauty are traveling close to Pluto. This is yet another opportunity to plumb the depths and uncover everything that is standing in the way of love’s more sublime expressions.

The archetypal male and female energies, as expressed through Mars and Venus, are showing us that it is possible to navigate our differences and to synthesize the light and the dark parts of ourselves, although our culture doesn’t readily do this. We tend to stuff our “shadowy sides” and pretend that the darkness is only presenting itself in the “other.”

The polarization in our world that we have found ourselves in lately, is to a large extent a result of this denial and projection. True union can only happen when we have owned our own darkness and even our brilliance, since the shadow can also present itself as unrealized or unacknowledged light!

As Marianne Williamson wrote, and I am paraphrasing:

“It is not our shadow that we are afraid of…it’s our own light!”

These next few weeks will offer us a wonderful opportunity to do some serious soul searching and to release anything that is no longer serving us. When I say, “Release,” I am not saying, “To throw away our shadows,” but rather to uncage and free our wounded selves--those parts of us where we feel unloved, unlovable, or unworthy of true love. The truth is that we are all children of the Divine, and even our darkness is beautiful because everything is of the Divine, and we are all here to experience, learn, and play our roles in a glorious dance performance back to oneness!

We are all doing the best we can given where we are in our conscious evolution, so forgiveness is key here and so is gratitude.

Micro & Macro – As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above

When we do this deep work of unearthing and facing our shadows, and ultimately forgiving and loving ourselves, something miraculous happens in the process--we reveal an impeccable integrity as we integrate our castaway parts of ourselves…

Once we are able to accept and truly love ourselves, we just might find that the differences we’ve felt in the world aren’t that foreign after all. The fear dissolves into the embrace of the beloved. And Venus and Mars have done their job!

Because of this Venus & Mars union, William and I have decided to extend our Valentine’s Day options, so you can check them out HERE

There are some beautiful connections in the Full Moon chart that involve Venus & Mars. The following is from my Harmonic Highlights report:

Sun 9th harmonic (novile) Venus, strong (Orb: 1 Deg 03 Min): You have the gift of making others feel loved and appreciated. Your gift should be shared, and you can be a great peace maker.

Sun 9th harmonic (novile) Mars, strong (Orb: 1 Deg 02 Min): You are most productive when you work in a supportive environment. You have great stamina and endurance, for example, working with a cooperative positive group of people or in an area like agriculture rather than in a hectic, nerve-wracking demanding job in an urban setting. You enjoy work that makes you feel a part of a larger purpose or community.

Sun/Venus conjunct Saturn/Pluto: (Orb: 0 Deg 04 Min): If you are unmarried, most likely you find it very difficult to be involved in casual relationships and dating. You seek true love and emotional depth. You dislike superficiality and at times may be too serious or severe. You have very particular tastes and you tend to pursue only those things that feel really important to you.

Sun/Mars conjunct Saturn/Pluto: (Orb: 0 Deg 05 Min): You are capable of extraordinary discipline, self-control, and concentration of energies. You are able to forgo comforts in your quest to pursue your specialized area of interest. You are inclined to work in solitude and you dislike distractions. You may feel unappreciated at times, and it is true that others may not fully recognize the level of dedication, commitment, and sacrifice that you devote to projects. Your ability to focus and dedicate yourself can help you achieve excellence.

Jupiter sextile Uranus

Another beautiful aspect that is showing up in the Full Moon chart is Jupiter closing in on his sextile with Uranus, which will perfect tomorrow, February 17th. This is one of the major aspects of the year. Both Jupiter & Uranus are slower travelers so we can expect to feel this fantastic energy for several days or even longer for the more sensitive among us. This is a highly creative aspect that can bring sudden opportunities! It’s a time for unexpected good fortune, so during your meditations, picture all of the lovely events and things that you are ready to manifest. Just be aware that all that glitters is not gold.

CLICK HERE for the Valentine’s Day options

Enjoy the rest of this month of love!



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