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Libra Full Moon in the season of Aries

We are still basking in the vastness of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces that happened this week. Floating in the theme of dreaming your most precious dream can be wonderful, transcendent, and a bit disorienting!

Fortunately, this month’s Full Moon in Libra at 26°46' is inviting us to call in some healthy balance. As much as we may want to immerse (Pisces) ourselves into our own (Sun in Aries) projects, we are being reminded that we still live is the world with others and there is no ‘I’ in team…

Aries and Libra are our quintessential opposites. Ruled by Mars and Venus, respectively, there is a fundamental masculine/feminine quality to this polarity.

Aries is the solitary hunter, crusader, and hero…out conquering new lands, with little regard for his impact on our need of others. That is until the Moon circuits around to oppose the Sun and we find ourselves contemplating what it means to be in relationship, and we realize that no man is an island in this wonderful world of ours!

Libra is everything that Aries is not and vice versa. Libra embodies peace, harmony, diplomacy, and balance…

The primary aspect that is showing up in this year’s Libra Full Moon chart is Pluto forming a T-square from Capricorn to the Sun & Moon. This adds considerable tension to the equation. I always advocate for being mindful in our relationships, but this is especially true now!

Pluto wants to transform the situation, but for him, transformation is a “death/rebirth” scenario. The timing of this resurrection aspect is perfect for our Easter weekend!

Behold the splendor of the phoenix!

Being in the flames of the phoenix is not for the faint of heart. We may need to be willing to admit that we’re wrong to maintain our relationships…

There’s an old saying in sales, “In order for the negotiation to be successful, everyone must feel that they gave up something in the process.” With compromise there is mutual concession. Each party has given up something important to them.

If we are to create a new paradigm way of living on earth, I am inviting us to embrace the transformation that Pluto is proffering.

What would a “win/win” look like in your relationships?

When Pluto is involved, we may not recognize ourselves when all is said and done!

Here’s the key: be in a state of mindfulness and clarity of your intention. If your intention is to create a beautiful world in which everyone is thriving, then the illumined path will present itself…

With a willingness to release our small selves, we will unshackle our infinite selves!

Check your chart to see where 26°46' Libra falls to know what area of your life you are working with.

  • 1st House - One of the most important points in a chart; I or me, personality, body, health, physical appearance, how one is seen, how one sees the world

  • 2nd House - Belongings, finances, earning power, values, resources, self-worth

  • 3rd House - Communication, letters, emails…, siblings, neighbors, immediate surroundings, close travel, primary schooling

  • 4th House - Home, real estate, private life, parents, roots, ancestry, foundation

  • 5th House - Creativity, children (both human & artistic) drama, vacations, parties, fun, love affairs, romance, gambling, speculation, hobbies

  • 6th House - Health, diet, work, job, employment, employees, dependents, mundane duties, hygiene, personal habits, pets

  • 7th House - Others, partners, marriage, divorce, lawsuits, contracts, open enemies

  • 8th House - Others’ belongings, support received from others, inheritance, legacies, insurance, taxes, trusts, secrets, sex, transformation, metaphysics, occult

  • 9th House - Higher mind, philosophy, religion, higher learning, psychology, distant travel, foreigners, big business, commerce

  • 10th House - Profession, career, standing in community, status, fame, influence one has within one’s sphere of influence

  • 11th House - Goals, wishes, friends, money obtained through one’s profession, groups & associations which are related to career

  • 12th House - Seclusion, suffering, sorrow, confinement, limitation, that which is hidden from sight, hidden strengths or weaknesses, secrets, self-undoing, subconscious mind, selfless service to others, charity

I am always happy to shine a light on your path… CLICK HERE for my services or a more in-depth consultation.

Love, Blessings, Peace, & Happy Easter!



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