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Gemini New Moon - The Tension of Opposites

This year’s Gemini New Moon is happening at 7:30 AM EDT on Monday, May 30, 2022 @ 09°03” Gemini.

There are several significant factors that stand out about this Gemini union…

  • The Sun & Moon are conjunct Aldebaran, one of the royal stars, “The Eye of Taurus,” which is known to represent integrity. Being a very bright red star, it has also been associated with war & strife. With such an emphasis on integrity, it will be very important for us to keep our agreements and sacred promises to ourselves and others, lest the less desirable aggressive quality of this royal star present itself!

  • Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is retrograde and about to station direct on June 3rd in Taurus. Given that Venus, the ruler of Taurus, has moved into her home sign of Taurus, she is the final dispositor of the Sun & Moon. From a cursory glance, we might think of this as a signifier of peace and calm, but peace-loving Venus is currently a morning star and takes on a feistier more “warrior goddess” energy. There is a greater emphasis on our values when Venus is in Taurus. As a morning star there can be a propensity to stand up and fight for our core values!

  • Mars is also in his own sign, Aries, where he is conjunct Jupiter. Boldness and courage are associated with Mars in Aries, and conjunct Jupiter, this is amplified to the 10th power! Sadly, acts of aggression and violence correspond with Mars in his dignity, but we aren’t bound to this. There are higher and lower octaves with each of the planets. Mars in his highest expression represents valor, leadership, and a willingness to act bravely on behalf of the greater good. In his lowest expression, he can be blood-thirsty and vengeful!

The mutable air sign of Gemini is known to represent our nature of duality, or polarity.

These days, we don’t have to go far to realize that our world has been grappling with extreme aspects of polarity…and righteousness has permeated the air!

When William and I were a baby couple back in the late 90s, we had many breakdown/breakthrough sessions in those early days as we were integrating our very different backgrounds, upbringings, and modes of expression.

They say that opposites attract, but there is an inherent tension that is created with the archetype of duality. The joining together of two creates a primordial creative struggle as a third entity is being birthed.

The qualities of the offspring depend on the core values of the two who brought it into the world.

Fortunately, in our case, William and I share many similar core values, and our journey of integration always brought us into what felt like a more elevated, new realm. As long as we each held our vision for the highest possibilities for ourselves as individuals and for ourselves as a union, we were able to navigate the gauntlet of our opposing forces!

This feels much like where we are as a society. There are so many with opposing world views, but when we truly get to know what the “other” holds dear, we find that “they” love their children too.

As always, New Moons are a great time to "wax our intentions out into the world." Below is a good list for grab a pen and your journal and start writing!

  • Adaptive/Flexibility

  • Curiosity/Learning

  • Expressive/Literary/Communication skills

  • Quick-witted/Logical/Cleverness/Inventive

  • Dexterous

  • (...and anything that you feel inspired to intend!')

'IN'tentions come from WITHIN, while 'EX'pectations come from without, and lead to disappointment.

My wish during this New Moon is for our world to find peaceful ways of navigating what seems at times to be treacherous territory. I know that we can if we are clear about our dearest core values! With Mercury in a positive sextile to Neptune in Pisces and trine to Pluto in Capricorn, we’ll have the extra spiritual “oomph” to do the necessary soul-searching that this lunation is inviting us to do. Who knows, we may realize that those values that we were holding on to so tightly aren’t really worth fighting for, but are rather strings that others pull to get us to do what they want us to do!

Peace & blessings,


P.S. If you would like me to help shine a light on your path…CLICK HERE for my services or a more in-depth consultation.


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