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Gemini New Moon Opposite the Galactic Center

This is a wonderful time to both reflect on where we came from and where we are going. Why are we here? The sign of the twins invites us to look both ways before making a choice about the direction of our lives!

Photo by Graham Holtshausen on Unsplash

The host of this Gemini New Moon, Mercury, has recently moved into his domicile, where he has just become the Morning Star, meaning that he is now far enough away from the Sun to be seen rising in the east just before sunrise…

…and Mercury is sextile Venus in Leo, inspiring a stream of fruitful creativity!

At 9:37 pm, PDT on Saturday, June 17, 2023, the Moon joined with the Sun at 26°43’ Gemini.

The New Moon in Gemini is playing with the air element, which is highly intellectual, communicative, curious, witty, funny, and innovative.

One productive way to work with this energy is to get creative…

…so this is a great time to let your inner child out to play!

The most pronounced aspect in the New Moon chart is the square of the Sun and Moon to Neptune at 27°39’ Pisces.

Neptune in the water sign, Pisces, invites us to explore the depths of our emotions and the breadth of our spirit so that we can fully embody compassion, forgiveness, and agape love at the deepest level possible!

With the Sun and Moon square Neptune in Pisces, we can tune into the more mystical/mysterious side of life and tap into our own internal guidance system. Allow your meditations to inspire you and be open to the nudges that you receive over the next few days as we are ramping up for the June Solstice.

Here we have a beautiful opportunity to attune ourselves to the more refined facets of our imagination and channel that inspiration into our projects…

…which will impact the world!

While the highest possibilities of Sun square Neptune can bring heightened spiritual awakenings, there can also be confusion. Neptune brings access to the unseen realms for a sense of communion with divinity, but it can also be disorienting to the uninitiated, which can lead to perilous flights of delusion.

In astrology, the Sun represents the Father…

So, on this Father’s Day, let us pause and reflect on the role that fathers play in our lives and the world.

For so many, unfortunately, the relationship with one’s father is painful. Sadly, hurt people hurt people, and the legacy of pain goes back to the beginning of time. Neptune in Pisces being activated by the Sun can help us to flip that script…

…and create a new story for humanity!

With the square to Neptune, I invite us to reflect on the highest ideal that a father can represent… as a guide, teacher, protector, and provider.

My own beloved father would be 108 years old if he were still incarnated with us…

Maybe I’m feeling the Neptunian rays, but I am loving a rabbit hole that I’ve discovered: I’ve known that many cultures and religions revere the number 108, but I didn’t know that Leonardo Fibonacci believed that 108 represents the wholeness of existence.

Another fun fact is that the distance of Earth from the Sun is about 108 times the diameter of the Sun, while the distance between the Earth and the Moon is also about 108 times the diameter of the Moon (the reason that we have precise solar eclipses when the disc of the Moon perfectly covers the disc of the Sun).

I was blessed to have been raised by my amazing dad, who was both provider, protector, teacher, and guide. I was 12 when he was given only 6 months to live, and I was 21 when he took his last breath.

He taught me so much in those 9 years! He showed me through his own demonstrated healing that there is so much more to our own capacities for creating our reality. He opened my eyes to the wonders of the universe, spirituality, and metaphysics…

We are capable of miracles!

This Gemini New Moon/Waxing Period is an excellent time to tune into Your Personal Hero’s Journey.

Where are you in your life’s journey? What role are you playing in your life and relationships? Book a Complimentary 30-minute S.P.A. for the SOUL Discovery Call for more clarity and insight:

May you create all the miracles that you set your intentions upon…

Happy Father’s Day, Waxing Moon, and Happy Early Solstice!


I look forward to shining a light on your path!


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