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Gemini Full Moon Illumination!

The Full Moon is in the intellectual sign of Gemini stirring the energies of communication, duality, and the quest for knowledge.

Full Moon
Gemini Full Moon invites us to explore our diversity, imagine the world we want to live in, & make it so!

Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

Let's explore what’s going on during this Full Moon…

Quadnovile Mercury: Nurturing Creative Insights

Mercury, the messenger, rules Gemini, giving this Quadnovile aspect extra power. It sparks creative insights and beckons us to embrace the beauty of our thoughts and ideas. Let your mind fill with possibilities, and allow ingenious notions to bloom.

Sesquiquadrate Venus: Harmonizing the Heart

Venus creates a Sesquiquadrate with the Gemini Moon, which invites us to find balance in matters of the heart. Explore your emerging emotions and intellectual pursuits.

Opposition Mars: A Dynamic Tension

Mars, the warrior, encourages us to channel our passions and desires with precision. Navigate assertiveness and diplomacy, finding strength in measured actions.

Square Saturn: Foundations of Discipline

The disciplined presence of Saturn in a square challenges the Gemini Moon's lively spirit. He prompts us to build strong foundations for our ideas, ensuring they withstand the test of time. Embrace the call for structure and discipline.

Quintile Neptune: Dreamy Inspirations

Neptune, the dream weaver, adds a touch of magic to the Gemini Moon through a quintile. His ethereal energy infuses our intellectual pursuits with dreamy inspirations. Let creativity flow, allowing the boundaries between reality and imagination to blur.

Trine Pluto: Transformative Rhythms

The powerful trine between the Gemini Moon and Pluto introduces transformative rhythms. Embrace the metamorphosis, allowing the winds of change to lead you towards self-discovery and empowerment.

Novile North Node: Guided by Destiny

As the Gemini Moon has novile aspect with the North Node, a celestial compass points towards destiny. This guides us on a path of growth and fulfillment. Embrace the dance with destiny, trusting that every step is aligned with the greater journey.

Mercury square Neptune

Allow your imagination and creativity to play in the areas of drama, art, and music.

"Visions & Ideals" Soul Portrait Painting by William R. Hicks (Get your personal S.P.A. for the SOUL Portrait™ by William:

Note, that Mercury has reached the degree that he will back track to when he goes retrograde this coming December, so we are officially in his "shadow period." It's time to get those plans in order... whatever they are!

In this Gemini Full Moon, let the energies of communication, duality, and intellectual exploration guide you!

Enjoy every moment of this burgeoning holiday season...

Much love & many blessings,

Elise & William

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Feeling unclear, scattered, or stuck at a critical crossroads, unsure of the next step to take?

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I look forward to illuminating your path!


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