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Full Steam Ahead…Almost?

At long last, after being retrograde since last October, Mars has stationed to turn direct today, January 12, 2023 @ 08°08’ in Gemini…

So, it’s almost time to get those projects out the door and launched…ALMOST!

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

To get a feel for how a planet is doing, we look to the sign it’s in and “the condition” of the ruler of that sign, as well as the aspects in which a planet is participating with the other planets…

Remember that Mercury, who rules Gemini, is retrograde until January 18th at 5:12 am, when he reaches 08°08’ Capricorn, so Mars is “answering to” Mercury as long as he is in Gemini even though he is going direct today.

Therefore, I am not planning any big launches forward until Mercury has turned direct, but even then we’ll be in a waning Moon, so it would actually be much better to initiate after the Aquarius New Moon on January 21st!

This upcoming New Moon in the sign of the water bearer is poised to be a great time to begin those projects that will benefit humanity, especially since the Sun and Moon will be applying to a trine with Mars and a sextile with Jupiter in the New Moon chart (more on this in my New Moon blog)…

Another important factor is that Jupiter has been moving through Aries patiently (not a Jupiter in Aries quality) waiting for Mars to get his act together!

All this said, patience may still be key as Mars will still be in his shadow until March 15th, when he reaches his post-retrograde shadow degree of 25°37’ Gemini.

Hey, we’ve waited this long…what’s another couple of months?

These delays and stalls have afforded us all great opportunities to tweak and hone our projects!

The great news is that once Mercury goes direct on January 18th and then Uranus on the 22nd, we have a rare period where there won’t be any planets retrograde until 1:35 am on April 21, 2023, when Mercury stations retrograde at 15°37’ Taurus…

Planetary shadow periods not-withstanding, from late January to mid-April, we have a wonderful block of time to launch, Launch, LAUNCH!!!

Of course, everyone’s chart is unique and therefore affected differently, so if you would like to do a deep dive into yours, feel free to book an Initial Consultation.

I'm also keeping my BOGO Special open until the 18th, when Mercury goes direct. This is particularly good if you are an existing client who would like one or two reports for 2023. Click Here to explore those options.

William & I wish you all the best with what you came to Earth to create…

Here’s to a productive 2023!


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