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Full Micro Moon in Cancer

When the Moon is full in Cancer, she is right at home and the sign that she rules and therefore is in one of her most powerful places.

  • She has an elliptical orbit around us and right now in Cancer, she is close to her furthest from Earth (Lilith) and moving slowly in the sky. If your night sky isn’t covered in rain clouds, notice how much smaller she appears to be in her “Micro Moon” glory!

  • She is opposite the Sun (which of course is why she is able to reflect his light so beautifully) at 16°22’ Cancer, and is also opposite retrograde Mercury (who is conjunct the Sun). The wild ride that Mercury has been taking us on is being amplified!

  • The Moon is separating from a sextile with Uranus and applying to a trine with Neptune. This is offering us a cosmic boost with flashes of inspiration and intuitional gifts being proffered…

Notice and honor the nudges that you receive over the next month.

  • Luna is also separating from her square with Chiron, so please be gentle and kind with yourself and others as we all may be on our last nerve with this current Mercury retrograde cycle!

Can you see Luna peeking through the tree?

On a personal note

On December 13th at around 3:30 pm just as Mercury was entering his shadow, William’s and my beloved car (which we had just taken to the shop for an oil change and checkup) suddenly decelerated to a stop, and refused to start again on the 99 Fwy, just north of Madera, CA.

Fortunately, William pulled to the shoulder by the time our car stopped for good. There we sat, with trucks whizzing by us, the Sun getting lower in the sky, our battery dying, and AAA telling us that they would be there at 5:30 (well after sunset).

Fortunately, we met several beautiful angels along the way, the first being our tow truck driver, who got us to safety near a truck stop, where there was an America’s Best Value Inn & Suites in Madera, right next to a Denny’s. We would not go hungry that night!

There is so much more to that adventure, which I share only to illustrate that as quantum as William & I intend to be, we definitely have our “rocks are hard, water is wet” moments…sometimes life just happens to see how we react!

As much as we love our Nissan Altima with the fact that she is one of the last years (2017) to have a CD player, we have decided that it is not worth the cost to repair her.

I’m pretty sure that the astrologer in me is not recommending that I spend the rest of today at a Nissan dealership, but the quantum physician and Sagittarian adventurer is saying, it can’t hurt to at least look…it has been too long without a car!

During this lovely Full Moon in Cancer, I invite you to give yourself the gift of time to nurture yourself as only you can! What are your favorite things? Beautiful music? Reading poetry or a beloved book? Your favorite cup of tea in a nice warm bath with sea salt and essential oils?

I know that I will be enjoying all of the above when we get home from our adventure… Mercury please be kind!

William and I are sending you much love,


PS: If you are feeling called for some astrological guidance to see what your future has in store for you, then consider my Initial Consultation HERE, or one of my other services HERE.


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