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Everything Everywhere All at Once!

Every time I’ve heard a reference to that film during this past year, it made me chuckle. The title of this Oscar winning film is the quintessential definition of this Mars cycle through Gemini…

Mars in Gemini definitely wants to do “ALL THE THINGS!"

  • His long 6-month retrograde cycle (including Shadows), during which he’s been out-of-bounds

  • His 3 squares to transiting Neptune

  • His 3 squares to the U.S.’s Neptune

  • His moving past his Retrograde Shadow period, which is happening tomorrow, March 15, 2023

…until finally his ingress into Cancer.

The challenge that we’re facing this week…

Today’s final resolution square from Mars at 25°05’ Gemini to Neptune at 25°05’ Pisces!

Mars is our action, passion, war planet, and in Gemini he is extremely changeable, where he is answering to a very soggy Mercury, who is not in the greatest condition given that he is combust (too close to the Sun, and therefore not quite able to present his best side) AND in Pisces, where he’s both in Fall and in Detriment.

In Pisces, Mercury is simply a bit lost, and therefore, Mars is not on his game!

All in all, this is a very Neptunian/Piscean week…

There are some additional aspects to punctuate the importance of being as mindful as we can be as we navigate our lives.

There is so much else that is happening this week, that I’m going to list them out by date and have a go at what it all means!

  • Tomorrow, March 15th (the Ides of March), the Sun joins Neptune at 25°07’ Pisces, which on its own would be a rather poetic, lovely day to go off and meditate, or create an artistic masterpiece, or mediate world peace, but remember that Mars is still square both the Sun & Neptune (& Mercury). I would not plan any big events or sign any contracts. Actually, focusing on creating art might be the best use of this day!

  • On Thursday, March 16th, Mercury will fuse with Neptune and then Venus in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn. They are both at the anorectic degree (29°) of their respective signs, which adds a bit of drama to the mix. They are taking care of unfinished business as they are each moving into their next sign (Venus will quickly move into her home sign of Taurus, where she will be so much happier than she is in Mars-ruled Aries, and Pluto will move into Aquarius). Powerful & passionate emotional desires can be channeled into creative projects & acts of healing! This feels like a great additional spice to add to our Piscean artistic transmutation recipe. I know that I will be leaning into the possibilities for transformation during this time!

  • On Friday, March 17th, Venus, who is already steadfast & loyal in Taurus will sextile Saturn, who just moved into Pisces, striking a deeply resonant chord. Normally commitments made when these two are in harmony are sure to go the distance, but with the other dynamics we have going on this week, I am not recommending anyone tie the knot!

  • On Saturday, the 18th Mercury in Pisces Sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, which could inspire us to probe the depths of psychology, the esoteric & the occult. An hour later, he will happily move into Aries, where at least he is not drowning in Neptune’s realm. He goes from not being able to articulate himself to being very outspoken, direct, honest, controversial, convincing, original, & enthusiastic about all of the new things!

Whew! Of course, there will be more happening next week so stay tuned!

How you experience this week depends on the condition of each of the planets in your birth chart and how they interact with each other … and of course on the level of consciousness that you are bringing to your life and your self care routines!

Remember that we can’t yet control the weather, but we can certainly adjust our sails. Get your free guide “8 Steps to Rise Above Challenging Astronomical Aspects” on my website:

I wish you smooth sailing and clear skies, but please reach out if you’d like some insight or guidance! I am getting some business coaching, so I’ll likely be increasing my prices soon. Now is the time to book a consultation if you’ve been feeling the nudge.


PP.S. The following list is for the Astro-nerds here like me, just to have all of these dates in one place!

Key dates, Mars in Gemini in retrospect/review:

August 20, 2022 – Mars entered Gemini

Mars Retrograde Dates:

· September 2, 2022 – Entered his Pre-Retrograde Shadow @ 08°08’ Gemini

· October 30, 2022 – Stationed Retrograde @ 25°37’ Gemini

· January 12, 2023 – Stationed Direct at 08°08’ Gemini

· March 15, 2023, at 9:58 p.m., PDT – Exits his Post-Retrograde Shadow of 25°38’ Gemini

Mars Square Neptune Dates:

· October 11. 2022 - First square, before Mars went retrograde

· November 19, 2022, retrograde

· March 14, 2023, final square

Mars squares the U.S.’s Neptune (22°25’ Virgo) 3 times:

· October 8, 2022, first square, before Mars went retrograde

· November 20, 2022, retrograde

· March 8, 2023, final square

March 25, 2023 – Mars leaves Gemini and enters Cancer


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