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Embracing the Fiery Aries Full Moon: Igniting Your Passion!

As we stand on the threshold of the Aries Full Moon at 5:57 a.m., PDT, on Friday, September 29th, the universe beckons us to embrace its fiery energy and embark on a profound inner journey that will leave us both inspired and introspective…

The cosmos, in its ever-wondrous dance of archetypal energies, gifts us with a lunation filled with potent celestial alignments to ignite our souls!

Full Moon
La Bella Luna!

This Full Moon, at 6°00’ Aries, stirs our passions and awakens the dormant desires within us, and its aspects speak volumes of the transformative potential it holds…

  • Moon Sesquiquadrate Venus: There's a touch of tension in the air as the Moon's emotional currents clash with the allure of Venus. Relationships and desires may find themselves in a delicate balance. Be mindful of your heart's desires.

  • Moon Novile Jupiter: This aspect adds a sprinkle of magic to the mix. It's like a wink from the universe, encouraging us to embrace opportunities and expand our horizons. Keep an eye out for unexpected blessings…

  • Moon Decile Saturn: Saturn's influence calls for structure and discipline. It's a reminder that our emotions can be channeled into something constructive. Focus your determination on your goals and watch them flourish!

  • Moon Semi-square Uranus: The Moon's journey takes an unexpected turn as it brushes against Uranus. Prepare for a few surprises and unconventional emotions. Flexibility will be your ally during this alignment.

  • Moon Quintile Pluto: This lunar connection to Pluto adds depth and transformation to our feelings. Dive deep within yourself and explore hidden emotions. It's a chance for emotional rebirth!

This Aries Full Moon marks the last lunation before the much-anticipated Annular Solar Eclipse on October 14th—it’s the first solar eclipse in the U.S. in years, but this is a celestial event that carries a distinct difference from the 2017 Great American Eclipse—because of the ring of fire, viewing this eclipse at totality without protective glasses won't be safe!

Map of Great American Eclipse with October 14, 2023 Annular Eclipse
The lower line is the path of the upcoming Annular Eclipse

The solar system, in its ever-changing glory, is ushering in new energies and revelations, so as we bask in the lunar glow of the Aries Full Moon, let's also keep an eye on the horizon, where the solar eclipse promises quite the spectacle and impact…

So embrace these celestial gifts, for they offer us a chance to grow, transform, and surf the universal energies!


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