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Aries Full Moon ~ Happy 108th to David S. Nelson!

Today, October 9th we have our Full Moon at 16°33' Aries. My beloved late father’s birthday is today...he would have been 108!

Dad in the Army Air Corps, 1942

Looking back I realize how truly blessed I was to have been able to chose two amazing Libras as my parents (Mom was born on the 18th of October). They were beyond fair and always invited my siblings and me to understand the underlying meanings beyond the surface of things.

It was my father, though, who was pivotal for my foundation as a metaphysician and an astrologer. His serious illness (6 months to live prognosis) when I was 12, ushered in a whole new realm of understanding for me. There were many trips to the local Psychic Healing Center in Glendale, CA, where I learned about chakras and meditation, late night talks about the universe, and then my family and I got to bear witness to his healing himself of lymphoma through alternative methods. The same doctor told him, "Whatever you're doing Dave, keep doing it. You're not dying of this!"

My first astrology reading was his gift to me when I turned 18. It wasn't until several years later when I realized another layer of my love for him. My Moon & Venus are conjunct his Sun!

Dad & Me ~ Thanksgiving, 1980, just a few months before he crossed over.

Photo taken by my brother, Ken Marschall

I love and miss you, Dad! Happy Birthday!

Back to the Full Moon...

Luna is in a separating conjunction to the “wounded healer,” Chiron.

Through the next few weeks themes of past wounds may surface once again to be healed. Be gentle with yourself and others this month as the Mirror can be EXTRA with the Aries/Libra axis.

Fiery, impulsive, and independent, Moon in Aries tends to be more instinctive and selfish.

A healthy amount of taking care of the self is important, while the Sun (ruler of Leo) is in Libra, thus answering to Libra’s ruler, Venus, who is also in Libra and getting closer and closer to him—this makes the Sun much more conciliatory and conscious of others needs!

The Moon is applying to an opening sextile with Saturn in Aquarius, which is offering some traction for your work plans.

As we tune into the rhythm of the Moon, the cycle begins with the New Moon, starts waxing, culminates with the Full Moon, starts waning, and ends/begins with the next New Moon. We plant seeds after the New Moon (between the New Moon and the opening Crescent) and release with the Full Moon.

So, what are you ready to release?

Is there anyone/anything you need to forgive?

What new alchemy is wanting to shine forth through you?

Until next time, enjoy the wonders of this magical time of year....

Many blessings!


PS: If you are feeling called for some astrological guidance to see what your future has in store for you, then consider my Initial Consultation HERE, or one of my other services HERE.

PPS: I know that every election season we hear, "This is the most important election...!" This one IS! Here's a great resource to help you make sure that you're still registered, etc.: Register To Vote With HeadCount | Voter Registration & Information


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