Aquarius Blue Moon

Full Moons have very powerful energies for envisioning your perfect world, especially this one…

Tomorrow morning at 5:01 AM, PDT we will have a rare Aquarian Blue Full Moon at 29°37’. This is the second Full Moon in Aquarius that we’ll have this year, which makes it a Blue Moon.

There are several things to note with this one…

The Moon will come into fullness just after passing past Jupiter and the Sun will be very close to the royal star, Regulus.

The moon in Aquarius is reminding us that we are all one people, no matter the differences that we may think that we have, and the conjunction with Jupiter adds an extra dose of goodwill to mankind.

The King/Queen star Regulus had been in the regal sign of Leo for millennia, but in January of 2011, Regulus moved into the service-oriented sign of Virgo. This brings to mind how we might feel about our modern-day royalty, which quite frankly seems to have overstayed their welcome here on Earth.

True leadership stems from service…from being able to relate to those that they lead. Many corporate CEOs started in lower or entry level positions in their respective companies. True leaders get into the trenches with their “subjects.” They roll up their sleeves and truly understand what their employees are going through.