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An Inspiring Pisces New Moon!

I love the word “juxtaposition.” Its inclusion in William’s and my book, “Wings: The Journey Home,” is why it isn’t just a children’s book.

“Juxtaposition is when you place two concepts or objects next to or near

each other, thereby highlighting their innate differences and similarities.”

~ Grammarly

There is a special kind of somber joy that I experience when attending a funeral for someone who has lived a fruitful and long life.

Of course, it’s never a pleasant experience to know that we will never see their smile, hear their laughter, or share a meaningful conversation with them again, and yet, it’s a beautiful thing to join together with many of the people impacted by a special soul to celebrate the difference that they made in our lives.

Sometimes, the individual has made a great difference in the world at large as well as in their immediate world, and we get to imagine the ripples of impact that continue out far into the future. These people leave an impressive legacy.

Such was the case this weekend....

William & I attended Mary Ann Parada's rosary on Friday, and memorial on Saturday. This was one of the most uplifting times of bidding farewell in which we've ever participated.

Mary Ann was such a remarkable force of nature! She raised nine children, several of whom have been dear friends of mine since college. Her son, David, introduced William and me to each other, and then several years later he officiated our wedding on Catalina Island.

In addition to raising this astonishing brood (9 children, 25 grandchildren, & 23 great-grandchildren) with her amazing, late husband, Robert (Bob), she could not stand by and let the 710 freeway divide her beloved South Pasadena, CA. So with sleeves rolled up, she took on Caltrans and began a decades long battle beginning in 1973, which she won. She garnered so much respect that her State Senator, Anthony J. Portantino attended her funeral and spoke very fondly of her intrepid passion, faith, and devotion.

Regardless of which side one falls on the 710 freeway extension, no one can argue that Mary Ann had conviction!

Activism can be messy…sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. In this life, we are each called to "choose our own battles," like when William and I helped to organize and save the 1,000 trees where we live. The thought of the last place where Great Blue Herons could still nest in our part of L.A. being destroyed was simply unacceptable.

It was a wonderful weekend to celebrate a beautiful life, and I think that everyone in attendance is asking themselves, "What am I doing to make a positive impact in the world?" I call these moments “Schindler's List moments”..."I could do more!"

This evening at 11:05 p.m. PST the Moon with join with the Sun at 01°22’ Pisces to usher in Pisces season and remind us that grace and ease are always an option.

In a Christmas post on my Facebook page, I wrote about how Jesus most likely had Sun in Pisces due to his overwhelming compassion for others, especially the outcasts of society.

So whether you save millions of souls, thousands of homes, or hundreds of trees, each of us has our own path to explore, and only we know in our heart of hearts what more we would like to experience and contribute in this beautiful world of ours…

I invite you to take a few moments to reflect on your life in juxtaposition to Mary Ann’s and ask, “What more can my life be?”

Then let the gentle waters of Pisces wash over you…there is no room for guilt or regret, only a conviction to live the best life possible during the time that we have left!

There is a wonderful window of time from the moment of the New Moon until February 21st at 8:05 p.m. PST for your New Moon Intentions. Click here to convert to your Time Zone.

Here are some Pisces Themes for your Intentional Musings:

  • Compassionate

  • Sacrificing

  • Sympathetic

  • Artistic

  • Imaginative

  • Spiritual

  • Psychic awareness

  • Intuitive

  • Introspective

Always phrase your intentions in the present moment and as positive statements for things that you want as opposed to the things you don’t want. In the unseen realm, there is no time, and the subconscious mind doesn’t understand a negative concept.

An “I don’t want…” statement will only plant a seed of what you don’t want, and an “I want to do such & such…” tells the subconscious mind that it is happening some time in the future, which will never come, since there is only this moment in time. Keep your intentions clear and inspiring, so that you feel a burst of “Oh yes, this is what I want!”

Here are a few examples:

“I am so happy and grateful that my creativity is pouring out of me and I’m able to translate the inspiring images that are flashing through my meditations into beautiful works of art.”

“I am so happy and grateful that I am always guided by my direct connection with source, and I delight in knowing that I am always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing!”

“I am so happy and grateful to be living the life of my dreams, which includes plenty of time to share special moments with my loved ones and the peace of mind of knowing that I am making the beautiful impact in the world that only I can make.”

Have fun with your seed-planting time and know that all is unfolding in divine order.

William and I are sending you our love and wishing you a beautiful final month of winter!


PS: Here is Mary Ann's Obituary & Full Mass.

PPS: If you are feeling called for some astrological guidance to see what your future has in store for you, then consider my Initial Consultation HERE, or one of my other services HERE.


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