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To Launch, or Not to Launch ~ That is the Question!

108 years ago today, Titanic left Southampton, England, at Noon on a Wednesday “Woden’s Day” or Mercury’s Day, and Mercury was retrograde…Elise always says that Mercury retrograde is not a good time to launch anything!

But Mercury “the messenger of the gods” was in Aries, which is all about action… Mars “the god of war”, the ruler of Aries, however, was conjunct Pluto “the god of the underworld/death” in Cancer where he is in “fall”, and he was squaring his lover Venus in late Pisces, ruled by Neptune “the god of the sea”, and the Moon was opposite Neptune…but unfortunately for Titanic, a ship should be in harmony with the sea god on its maiden voyage!

The Moon was below the horizon in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn “the lord of karma” in Taurus “the Minotaur”, which is very serious, means business, and is ready to push past difficult obstacles, but even Titanic couldn’t push through an iceberg, especially since the Moon was squaring Mercury, the ruler of transportation and communication…

Mercury was being nudged and called up by the Moon’s North Node and the Sun who were also in Aries, which were being trined by Jupiter “the thunder god”, who was retrograde and in his home sign of Sagittarius, the adventurous and forward-thinking archer and centaur… And Leo “the lion king”, ruled by the Sun, was also rising, so it was a time of pride, confidence, ambition, and drama!

Sadly, Leo rising was opposite Uranus “the sky god” in Aquarius “the water bearer”, his home sign, which creates inventors who like to apply new, untested methods and procedures—Titanic was the largest and newest ship afloat at the time of her maiden voyage…

Painting "Pride" by William R. Hicks

So there you have it…Titanic launched under the conditions above, which was not a good idea…the fates/gods/planets were not all in agreement!

The irony is that J.P. Morgan, owner of the White Star Line, was known for saying, “Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do." Well, he apparently forgot to check with his astrologer! He was actually supposed to be onboard Titanic for her maiden voyage but he took ill and died the following year. During these uncertain times, many people are reinventing themselves and planning new projects or businesses, so when the time comes to launch them, please do yourself a favor and consult with an astrologer! Of course Elise would be honored to help you narrow down the best time and date for your “maiden voyage” within a particular timeframe so that you actually reach your destination…

Be safe and well!

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