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Commitment to Our Soul's Curriculum

Today, with the Moon in Capricorn, it’s a very "Saturny" kind of Saturn-day. As the Moon meets with the South Node and Saturn, it’s a good day to get clear about our commitments – are there any that are no longer serving us?

We often think of commitments as obligations, the "have to’s" in our lives, but when we step back and realize that we are the ones choosing what and to whom we commit our energy, then we can re-frame them in a more empowering way...

Let us all take a moment today to reflect on the most important commitment we have--the commitment that we made before this lifetime to ourselves. We made a plan before this life to learn certain things, to grow and evolve, to heal certain relationships, etc. Your life has a purpose that is unique to you, and only you can dictate what that purpose is!

Photo by Felipe Salgado on Unsplash

So let’s take a moment to appreciate ourselves and this life we are living. Take note of the things and people in our lives, to which we choose to be devoted--these are our Soul-felt commitments...the ones that we feel a joyful responsibility to nurture...the commitments that we are consciously partnering with to make the world a better place!

Is there anything else that doesn’t feel as though it’s feeding your Soul’s growth?

Are there past commitments that you have made from an erroneous place or because someone else, perhaps a parent, wanted you to make?

Is there someone or something that is just feeling “grungy” when you think about them or it?

Is there is anything that definitely served your Soul’s growth, but it is now time to move on?

Our society has certain benchmarks or milestones that help us to mark the completion of a commitment; graduating from college is a perfect example--once you graduate, it is time to move on to your bright future, and therefore staying tied to certain commitments is as silly as continuing to go to class after you’ve graduated!

Photo by JodyHongFilms on Unsplash

In life, these “classes that we keep revisiting” tend to be the most painful commitments to release, such as a marriage or career. Sadly, life has a way of choosing for us when we are not in sync with our Soul’s curriculum

If there is anything that doesn’t feel as though it’s feeding your Soul’s growth? Today is the perfect day to let it go.

Now you are free to commit to only that which fills your heart with joy!

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