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"The Finger of God" in Leo

I just noticed mid-stream that we have several very fated yods or “Finger(s) of God” in the sky that will run until August 13th, just before Venus makes her exact conjunction (cazimi) with the Sun (more on this later).

So, what is a Finger of God?

It’s a very rare aspect pattern that involves 3 or more planets. 2 of the planets are forming a harmonious sextile (60°) to each other & the 3rd planet is at the opposite side of the chart forming 150° quincunx aspects with the other 2 planets. The planet that is on the receiving end of the 2 quincunx aspects is considered to be at the apex of the Yod or Finger of God. This planet is under stress because the nature of a quincunx is that there isn’t any real compatibility between the signs that the planets are inhabiting. Capricorn is a cardinal/earth sign, which is compatible with the mutable/water sign of Pisces, but neither of these signs is compatible with the fixed/fire sign, Leo.

An adjustment must be made in order for this planet to evolve and express a higher version of itself.

To understand what is happening this summer, a little context will help:

By now you know that Saturn, the South Node, & Pluto have been in Capricorn forming conjunctions to each other. This has been bringing global attention to the need for our power & authority structures to undergo a transformation.

Now, Neptune is currently at 18° Pisces forming a sextile to Saturn (15°), the South Node (16°) & Pluto (21°) of Capricorn. Neptune in Pisces has been helping us, among other things, to explore our dreams & to keep our vision for an ideal world alive. Neptune & Pluto have been forming a sextile to each other off & on for many decades. Since mid-December of 2018, Saturn has been joining Pluto in this harmonious sextile, helping idealistic & nebulous Neptune to get real about what it will take to make his dreams a reality. In mid-December of this year, this sextile between Saturn & Neptune will complete as Saturn moves beyond the range or orb of influence with Neptune.

So despite the challenges that some of us have had this summer with Saturn & the South Node opposing the Cancer eclipses, we have also had Neptune trining the Cancer planets, while also forming that sextile with Saturn, the SN, & Pluto…this has been a saving grace! Those of us who are staying vigilant in our envisioning can gain some solid traction in manifesting the world of our dreams!

Now let’s talk about this part of the sky that is forming a Finger of God (or yod) to Neptune & the 3 Capricorn "planets." Leo normally likes to be in the spotlight, but in this case may not want to be. Approximately 15°-20° of Leo is the zone of apex for a potential yod or Finger of God to form with our Capricorn trio & Neptune. We have a lot of Leo planets moving through this sector this summer.

The first planet to run through has been Mars. He began this adventure on July 26th & will move through on August 4th, when he gets to 21°16’ Leo. We’ll have a brief reprieve until August 7th, when the Sun gets to 15°09’ of Leo & then Venus will come right behind the Sun.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve been experiencing with Mars as the apex planet…

Normally, Mars in Leo has a tremendous amount of energy to express & be creative, but the quincunx to Saturn has been challenging him to be a bit more cautious, to pause & recognize that the next steps taken may not be untaken...actions have consequences, so think twice and act once! There has been an underlying sobriety to this aspect. Saturn always wants us to “do the work” in order to get our results. The quincunx from Mars to Neptune in Pisces has been inviting us to reflect on how we will implement our dreams…reevaluating our boundaries is probably a good idea during this time. Make sure that you have the energy for the commitments in which you’re being asked to participate.

Then, as Mars moved beyond the influence of the quincunx with Saturn, Pluto took Saturn’s place from July 30th – August 4th.

If you have been engaging in any physically creative activity such as dance, tai chi, painting, sculpting, singing, then you will have released any discomfort that Mars was in, because you would have honored Mars’ desire to physically express himself!

As the Sun travels through Leo, he will take Mars’ place as he comes into orb of the “Finger of God” first with Saturn & Neptune from August 7th until August 10th & on August 9th, as Venus gets closer to the Sun, she will also join the Sun, Saturn, & Neptune in this “Finger or Fingers of God.” Late in the evening on August 10th, Pluto will take Saturn’s place in the quincunx with the Sun & by the 11th, Saturn will release his grip on Venus & hand her over to Pluto.

During these days of the Sun & Venus as the apex planets, there is an underlying feeling that if we shine, “they” will see us! There’s a knowingness that with leadership comes great responsibility & we had better have our *#@%* together! There’s also the awareness that these are the days that we’ve been prepping lifetimes for. This is where the rubber meets the road!

Decisions made during these few days will be particularly fated. You’re being coaxed to take action, but there’s a pit in your stomach. Something feels uncomfortably familiar here. We are being cautioned to pause & take stock.

In truth, there is nothing to fear as long as we are being true to our heart’s path!

Saturn is bringing the gift of responsibility, Pluto is bringing his gift of transformation & reminding us to own our power, & Neptune is offering his vision of the most glorious spiritual ideal!

Mars moving through this sector was preparation for the Sun with Venus…

This is not the time for grandiose self-aggrandizing expressions of ego…this is definitely the time for creative expressions that are brought forth from the depths of your soul! When you know that it would be a crime to not share your truth & your gifts with the world--when something is urgently wanting/needing to be born through you--then you know that you must be the vehicle for that creation.

Those creations that are born of the hard work of Saturn, the depth & transformative self-exploration of Pluto, & the dearest dreams of Neptune...these are the creations that can change the world!

~ ~ ~

On August 13th as Venus & the Sun are both 21°11’ Leo (cazimi), Pluto will be exactly quincunx them at 21°11’ Capricorn!

Be aware of power dynamics & a tendency to manipulate or be manipulated. This is a time to completely own your power. Taking personal responsibility for your part in your relationships will take you very far along your evolutionary path now.

Take as many deep breaths as necessary, get grounded, be clear about your intentions & know that your actions will put you more firmly on your destined path!

Most importantly, honor your own heart’s desires & know that you are in the right place at the right time…you are exactly where you need to be…so breathe & trust the process!

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