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The Total Solar Eclipse ~ Summer of 2019

What are eclipses?

As we know, twice a month the Sun and the Moon align with each other, forming either a New Moon (conjunction) or a Full Moon (opposition). Most months they don’t align perfectly. This is because our Moon’s orbit around the Earth is at a slight 5° tilt.

ChartArt by William R. Hicks

As the Moon crosses the Sun’s path (ecliptic) each month, two very important points are created. Where the Moon crosses the ecliptic as she is moving toward the northern hemisphere, we call that point the North Node, and two weeks later, as she crosses the ecliptic going toward the southern hemisphere, we call this point the South Node. The North and South Nodes are very sensitive and karmic points in our charts and are the basis for our eclipses.

Twice a year, when the Sun gets close enough (within 18° of either the North or South Node we will be in “eclipse season” and then when the Moon comes into alignment with the Sun, they are both at the same declination with each other and will therefore form an eclipse, either a Solar Eclipse (New Moon) or a Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon).

The first eclipse of this Summer will be a Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, July 2nd, at 12:16 pm, PDT, with the Sun and Moon at 10° Cancer and the North Node at 17° Cancer. It will be visible in South America.

Photo by Bryan Goff, unsplash

As I shared in my last blog, Saturn has been dancing backwards with the South Node and will therefore be opposite the Sun and Moon during this eclipse. In order to understand what this means for us, let’s look at the archetypal energies that the Sun/Moon/North Node in Cancer and Saturn/South Node in Capricorn represent.

The Sun is the giver of light and life, masculine in nature/yang (sending forth his energy). In our charts he represents the father, creative spark, how one shines, and steps into leadership. In ancient esoteric studies, the astrological symbol for the Sun represented God. In our charts, where the Sun is symbolizes our spirit, which has animated into this individual and particular lifetime.

The Moon is the reflector of light, feminine in nature/yin (receiving the Sun’s energy), emotional nature, intuition, nurturing, mother and our connection to our ancestral lineage. In our charts, where the Moon is symbolizes our soul’s journey that has brought us to this point of our evolution.

The Lunar Nodes are indicative of where we are in our journey, with the South Node indicating what we brought with us into this lifetime and what we are in the process of releasing. The North Node indicates that which our soul (Moon) and spirit (Sun) intend for us to step into in this lifetime…what is coming into our lives…the new people, events, and experiences that continue to shape who we are becoming.

Dancing with our Nodes is a continually evolving

process of releasing and embracing who we are.

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so of all the New Moons that we have in a year, this one is very special, given how happy the Moon is in her own sign. If the Moon is all about nurturing, motherhood, and family lineage, then you got it…these are key principles for Cancer.

Saturn is the lord of karma, time, boundaries, limitations, constriction, fear, external authority figures, responsibility, commitment, and gravitas. In Greek mythology he is the god Chronos, who ate his children for fear of one of them unseating him much as he unseated his father, Uranus, (who he castrated). His plan worked for a while until Jupiter was born and his wife offered him a stone instead of her newborn son. Once Jupiter was grown, he challenged his father and long story short, became the new god supreme (Zeus).

Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and he just happens to be in his own sign, where he is and will be joined with the South Node for the next three months. Among other things, Saturn and Capricorn represent the authority structures of our world, and the responsibility and hard work that it takes to strive for and achieve ambitious goals.

With the South Node conjoined with Saturn we are witnessing history in the making as our authority structures all over the world are being called into question…we are too close to this and this transit is by no means complete, but in just a few short years we will be living in a very different world than we have right now.

With these powerful energies, we can expect a global shift in the way that we respond / or react (depending on how conscious we are) to external forms of authority and power.

Saros Cycles

Eclipses also come in Families called the Saros Series. A Saros Cycle or Series is a family of Eclipses that unfolds over a period of roughly 1300 years, beginning with a very partial eclipse at one of the poles & slowly unfolding every 18 years, 11 days & 8 hours and ending at the opposite pole. Each Series holds the unique pattern & meaning of the original eclipse.

According to Bernadette Brady, this Solar Eclipse belongs to the Saros Series 3 North. Here is her interpretation of the energies of this SS family:

“This is an over-excessive eclipse family. Its main theme being either

news involving young people or news that transforms a situation. This

information can cause worry or can cause the person to become obsessive.

The individual may want to undertake large plans or activities which can be

very positive as long as the individual doesn’t get carried away.”

~ Bernadette Brady

This Cancer Solar Eclipse is like a Cancer New Moon on steroids! The focus is on nurturing and making sure that everyone has the basics: food, water, shelter, and love. With the Saturn/South Node in opposition to the Cancerian Solar Eclipse, there is a powerful dynamic in play. Will external authority win over the needs of the people? Or is it finally time for love to prevail?

Regardless of the causes of the vast influx of people to the U.S. through our southern border, with thousands of children being detained, we can no longer ignore their suffering. The cosmic mother is awakened and is emboldened by her proximity to the North Node!

While all of this plays out, let's keep our eyes on the prize & envision a world where children are safe, warm, dry, and happy!

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

Something powerful is going on beneath the surface and we are collectively waking up to the need for we the people to take personal responsibility for our lives and this world that we live in. No man is an island and as tempting as it is to sit back and be mesmerized by the new Presidential race here in the United States, remember that this country was designed to be run by “the people!”

If you have personal planets between 9°-18° of Cancer or Capricorn, your chart and life is particularly lit up by this eclipse, but everyone will have the eclipse land in one of their houses.

Here is a guide with some key words for each house:

Regardless of how we may be affected by the cosmos, it is very important for all of us to be mindful of our Co-creative Powers and Responsibility in our lives … especially if our chart is being triggered by an eclipse or intense transit.

Contact me to see how this eclipse season will impact you.

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