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Pisces New Moon with Uranus in Taurus~ Dreaming of the New Earth

This Pisces New Moon along with Uranus’s final Taurus ingress begin a potent new cycle! This coupled with Mercury retrograde in Pisces makes for a very introspective time.

The New Moon is inviting us to dive deeply into our highest and most refined spiritual practices. Pisces the final sign of the zodiac has experienced everything there is to experience and can therefore access the highest heights and the deepest depths.

The Sun & Moon are conjunct Neptune and Vesta, channeling a deeply mystical energy into this month and inviting us to understand what it means to nurture the sacred flame within all of us. This month is a great month to begin a new spiritual practice and to do some dream work.

Have you noticed your dreams lately? Keeping a dream journal can aid us in our inner work.

The New Moon is also sextile both Mars and Saturn, which adds an activating and stabilizing factor. Both Mars & Saturn are in uber practical earth signs, which helps the watery Piscean energy to channel the spirit effectively. This is a great time to dream the impossible dream….

Uranus into Taurus - I wrote about this last May when he made his initial entrance before going retrograde back into Aries:

"In many ways, Uranus and Taurus are complete opposites in nature.

Uranus is the change-maker, the revolutionary instigator of all things new—always moving us toward the future. He likes to innovate and remove any obstacles that are keeping us stuck in our history and the status quo. Sudden change and unexpected surprises are among his favorite things.

Taurus, on the other hand, is a fixed sign and therefore loves the stability of tradition. Sudden change is anathema to Taurus…."

Photo by Jeff Finley on Unsplash

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