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The Stillness of Winter

There is a peace that transcends words and invites us to simply go within and reflect.

Today, at 5:22 pm, EST we will have our Winter Solstice and the Sun will enter Capricorn to begin three months of winter. The Winter Solstice occurs when the Earth's southernmost latitude is tilted toward our Sun. On the map of the world below, one will see that line is the Tropic of Capricorn.

For nearly three days, the Sun appears to stop in the sky. Solstice is derived from two Latin words: "sol" meaning sun, and "sistere" to cause to stand still, and the Winter Solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

This year, we'll also have the nurturing Cancer full moon on the heels of the Winter Solstice, so be sure to enjoy the Moon rise just before the Sunset!

For you resolution-makers the Winter Solstice is a much better time than the frenzy of an arbitrary Gregorian calendar New Year's Eve to set your intentions.

The solstice is the perfect time to look back on the year you've had. Really take some time to be still and notice what comes up for you. Did you have any breakthroughs? What did you accomplish? What are you not so proud of? There were probably some challenges...for some, 2018 was a very difficult and painful year and life changed a lot...but you're still here! What did you learn and what will you take into 2019?

Photo by Dominik Dombrowski on Unsplash

Once you feel complete with your introspection, you are now ready to set your intentions for the New Year. Again, the stillness of the solstice is the perfect time for reflection and taking stock of where you are in your life. Once you've gotten clear on your progress, this is the perfect time to write out your intentions for 2019.

For those of you who have your Natal chart, the Full Moon will happen at 00°49' of Cancer at 12:48 pm, EST on Saturday, December 22nd. Look to see where it lands in your chart. This area of your life will be the focus for the next month.

As you enter into this sacred time of year, know how loved and appreciated you are.

~ Elise & William

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