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The Moon and Our Quantum Universe

Happy “Moon”day!

As most of us know, the Moon creates the tides. Fewer people are aware that the Moon controls our biological cycles – this is due to the fact that, like the surface of the Earth, our bodies are mostly water, between 60 & 70%.

Even fewer people believe that the other planets affect us too via gravity, spin, magnetics & quantum entanglement.

photo by Science News

Quantum entanglement occurs when particles cannot be described independently of the state of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance, which happened as a result of the Big Bang… …as above, so below…

Yet only 4 percent of the universe is composed of regular matter, such as stars, planets & people, while the other 96% is what scientists consider space-time … dark energy is thought to contribute 73% of all the mass & energy in the universe, & the remaining 23% is dark matter.

On top of that, an atom is about 99.9999999999996% empty space - if an atom were the size of Earth, the proton at its center would be only 600 feet across.

Photo from

But even the mass/matter of the atom is only energy & light, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity… E = mc2 …so we live in a holographic universe.

Everything comes from light, even something like a rock comes from light - its molecules are just moving much slower & can be described as frozen light.

Consciousness permeates reality, rather than being just a unique feature of human experience, it’s the foundation of the universe, present in every particle & all physical matter…

…as within, so without…


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