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Venus Star Point - She "Kisses" The Sun Today!

Today is a very auspicious day because retrograde Venus will join with the Sun and form her Venus Star Point. It is very fitting that the Sun and Venus will “kiss” today, Friday...Venus’ Day!

This happens every 19 months and forms a beautiful pentagram pattern in the sky over time.

Photo by Arielle Guttman

The Sun and Venus are conjunct at 3° Scorpio, are sextile transiting Saturn (who is at 4° Capricorn), and opposing Uranus (who is at 1° Taurus). This is highlighting the need to break free from the status quo, but we won’t throw the baby out with the bath water!

Arielle Guttman has written several books about the Venus Star Point.

I've embedded Arielle Guttman's Venus Star Mudra for you. I recommend that you watch the video twice...first to just watch, and then do the exercise with it the second time:

Venus rules Libra & Taurus, & therefore beauty, love, peace & romance. This is an excellent time to get insight, clarity & guidance in these areas for your happiness & fulfillment.

Photo by Scorpio Moon Astrology, depicting Venus' "star-point path" from 1961 to 2057

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