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It's Time to Find Our Center-Point ~ Libra New Moon

The New Moon in Libra is offering a potent time to transform our relationship with relationships. Venus, who rules Libra, is feistier than ever as she is retrograde in Scorpio, the intense water sign.

When the Moon joins with the Sun, we get to take a pause and reflect on those things that matter most—love, friendship, and the partners in our lives are being highlighted tonight.

Photo by Meireles Neto on Unsplash

At 8:46 pm PDT, the Sun and Moon will join at 15° Libra, and they will be squared by Pluto at 18° Capricorn, so we can expect more power plays over the next month.

My brother-in-law has an expression, “Now everybody just calm down!” It seems appropriate, yet some of us don’t feel like calming down. We are not feeling very happy…and certainly don’t want to be told what to do!

If ever there was a time to activate our superpowers of quantum physics, and envision and choose the universe that we want to be living in…then this is it!

So for you who are up for the task, remember that we have a few hours from 8:46 pm until 1:50 am PDT early tomorrow morning, October 9, 2018, to set your intentions for the world that you are committed to creating.

If there is something in particular that is pressing and important to you, then by all means intend around those topics. I do like to focus on the topics that are pertinent to the New Moon’s sign, so here is a list of things that fall under Libra’s domain:



The Arts/Beauty

Happy intending...and remember that we’re all creating this reality together!


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