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The Gifts of the Earth ~ Virgo New Moon!

This Virgo New Moon is offering a beautiful gift of insight and a potent opportunity to manifest your heart’s desires!

At 11:01 am PDT on September 9th, the Sun and Moon will join at 17° Virgo and will be a part of a beautiful configuration that includes Jupiter in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces. There is a lot of super-fertile earth and water into which we can plant our precious seeds!

While the most obvious aspects are the harmonious ones that the New Moon is setting off with Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune, there is also an under-current of tension…a feeling of: “There’s something that I’ve got to do…or be.”

In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, Venus moves from one of her favorite signs, the harmony and beauty-loving sign of Libra, into one of her not-so-favorite signs, Scorpio, and she is fixing to oppose Uranus who is in her other favorite sign, Taurus.

In Scorpio, Venus is much more intense and insightful…seeing things that she may not want to see and feeling things that she is loath to feel. Uranus has been shaking up the status quo in Taurus since last May, and is somehow taunting Venus simply by his presence in “her” sign. Venus in Scorpio can also be a bit possessive. Perhaps Uranus is reminding her of how much she prefers to hang out in one of her own signs. In a short while, almost a month from now, Venus will reach 10° Scorpio and then turn her sights toward Libra once again. The Venus retrograde period will commence on October 5th, but I will certainly share more on this when that time comes.

For the past few months, Mars and Uranus have been square each other. Venus is now joining the argument and rounding out a grand-square that also includes the Nodes of the Moon, or “Nodes of Fate.” While Venus is normally the peace-keeper, in Scorpio she is just as likely to get deep into the mix of the drama.

Now this is a gentle reminder from your friendly Quantum Astrologer that we are the captains of our destinies. All of the excitement that this New Moon is bringing is for our highest good and use. Grand squares can feel tense or they can provide just the energy that we need in order to get things done. That said, the most effective doing happens from a state of being.

So as you contemplate the potent energies of this New Moon, know that Pluto will be trining the Sun & Moon and offering his transformative power, while Jupiter is offering his benevolent bounty of depth and insight, and Neptune opposing the New Moon is challenging the Virgo workaholic to take time to dream and BE…and then do!

May this be the month that you launch those precious projects that are near and dear to your heart, and may they be everything you dream of and more!

For those of you who like to set your intentions with the New Moon, we have a wonderful window of time to do so tomorrow after 11:01 am Pacific time. For the past several months, the New Moon has coincided with the Moon going void of course, and therefore not a great time to set powerful intentions. In these cases, I do recommend that one wait until the Moon moves into the next sign, but I always prefer to set my monthly intentions when the Moon is still in the sign of the Sun. Fortunately the New Moons are now happening a bit earlier in each sign, which opens up the opportunity for the Moon to still have a Ptolemaic aspect with another planet after she joins with the Sun. All of this said, the Moon will NOT go VOC until she trines Mars at 8:12 am PDT on Monday, September 10th.

I hope that all of this makes sense. My husband, William, has told me that I can sometimes speak in Astro-babble!

The following is for your Virgo New Moon intention setting pleasure:




Clearing Clutter



Examples of intentions are:

“I am so blessed and honored to be working in the field of my dreams!”

“I love that I am able to provide a wonderful service to such appreciative clients!”

“I so appreciate that I suddenly feel a burst of energy and that I’m inspired to finally clear that clutter!”

“I am grateful for my amazing cat, Romeow, who teaches me every day the art of true affection!”

Romeow, who would rather take road trips than be left behind

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