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Saturn Supports this Scorpio Full Moon

This Full Moon in Scorpio is sure to invoke some passion this weekend, while revealing our hidden desires and innermost dreams.

Scorpio, the deepest of all of the signs, is where the secrets dwell…so secluded and private in the depths of this watery sign that we may not even be aware of them ourselves. With the Sun fully illuminating the Moon there, some of those secrets may be bubbling to the surface.

We have some potent and auspicious aspects during this Full Moon. Saturn will be almost exactly trine the Sun and sextile the Moon, which puts us all on extremely solid ground with our plans, while the Nodes of the Moon are square the Sun and Moon, prompting us to deal with some karma.

Remember that trines and sextiles are the lovely flowing of benevolent or friendly energy, while squares are more challenging (get off the couch) aspects that force us to address certain issues that perhaps we’ve been avoiding.

Photo by Jakob Boman on Unsplash

Now no one wants to be blindsided, so this is the time to get real with ourselves. Is there some way that you’ve not been “showing up” in your world? The North Node won’t be in Leo much longer. Its presence there has been inviting us to be our own sovereign authority…to be completely at cause in our lives. There is no one else but us to answer to.

Saturn in Capricorn is striking a similar tone. Saturn is the final dispositor in this Full Moon chart, meaning that all of the other planets are ultimately answering or deferring to his authority. Given that he’s so strongly supporting the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio, we have a very good opportunity to gain serious traction in our endeavors.

Themes of responsibility and authority are prevalent here,

while gaining mastery over our lives.

I’m a firm believer in harnessing our own energy and being as conscious as we can be of the direction towards which we want to direct our personal ship. We may not control the currents, but we can always adjust our rudder and sails!

So what juicy powerful new developments are you ready to embrace in your life?

How can we be completely at the helm of our lives to build the lives of our dreams, while fully owning our responsibilities at the same time?

This is our time! Enjoy the journey!

Photo by Luke Bender on Unsplash

Contact me to find out how this Full Moon affects your chart in love and relationships, finances and career, travel and relocation, real estate investments and so on…as above, so below, as within, so without…

Stay tuned for my free .pdf on Astro-Real Estate!

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