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Aries New Moon Bids Uranus Farewell

A lot is happening with the first New Moon of spring…

For one thing, this Aries New Moon will be the last time that the Sun & Moon join with Uranus in Aries until 2095. That is a very long time!

What is it about Uranus in Aries that feels so significant? Let’s take a look at the past eight years and the nature of Aries and Uranus.

Aries, the impulsive ram, is our fiery cardinal sign that loves to initiate things. The nature of Aries is courageous, fearless, pioneering, impulsive, and independent.

The nature of Uranus is very similar to Aries. He’s by nature very independent, spontaneous, and excitable. He is the great liberator. For eons the only planets that we were aware of were the five visible planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. These with our Sun and Moon comprise the seven “planets” of traditional astrology. Uranus is the next planet out from Saturn and the first planet discovered in history. He represents awakening of the collective consciousness.

If the visible solar system represents the domains of our physical world and 3d reality, the planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto represent the realms beyond our five senses.

With Uranus in Aries, he has been the instigator of much bold self-discovery and spontaneous independent action on the part of the collective.

We saw Arab Spring happen just as Uranus was making his entrance into Aries back in 2010. Even though he had relatively momentarily retrograded back into Pisces for one last time, he had planted the seeds for revolution and we’re still seeing the effects of the unrest of people who do not want to be governed by dictators.

Since then we’ve seen the Occupy Movement, Black Lives Matter, the Women’s Marches, and the Parkland Students awakening. I think that we will look back on these years of the Uranus transit through Aries as a very significant time in our history.

Photo by Paxson Woelber on Unsplash

The Sun & Moon are also mid-point between Eris (the Goddess of Discord – she was the one who started the Trojan War and exposed the other goddesses weaknesses) & Uranus, agitating their connection, which has prompted much of the strength and push-back that we’ve seen by women in our world in recent years.

Another significant thing about the timing of this particular New Moon is that we have three planets stationing (stopping their movement – relative to Earth). Mercury is stationing to go direct (Yay, for those of you who are not fans of Mercury retrogrades!), but Saturn and Pluto are both stationing to go retrograde. These two titans in Capricorn will be urging the power structures of our world to review their situations.

The Aries New Moon is happening at 6:57pm PDT. Remember that New Moons are perfect times to write your intentions for the next month, but given that this is the astrological New Year, these intentions are potent for the next 12 months.

Anything related to initiating new projects & self-awareness is ideal for your intentions.

Happy intending!

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