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Libra Full Moon Invites Renewal of Our Relationships

With the Full Moon in Libra squaring off with Mars and Saturn in Capricorn, and sextile/trine to the Moon’s Nodes, we have indicators for challenges that prompt us along the road of our higher destiny.

This is not a time to quit when the going gets tough, although it is a time to be clear about whom we are choosing to be, what we are doing, and therefore what we have in our lives.

The Sun coupled with (conjunct) Mercury in Aries, and opposing the Moon in Libra, is teaching us about our ways of relating to others. How are your communication skills? Do you just want to deliver your point of view and get your own way without hearing or attempting to understand your partner?

Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

An interesting thing about life on Earth is that we each have our own perspective … our perfectly unique point of view—the Aries/Libra axis brings this truth into the spotlight.

How much do we appreciate the diversity of the other(s) in our lives? They make us think, and prod us to grow…don’t they?

Life would be dull indeed if we all thought in the same way, yet we see a lot of crucifixion in social media of those who have differing opinions. As with the yin and yang symbol, life is a blending of apparent opposites, where there is a seed of truth from the opposing “side” within your “side.” Only by acknowledging this truth can understanding and harmony exist. We don’t win by conquering each other, but rather by finding that balance and partnering with the other, like dancing the Tango.

Photo by Isaiah McClean on Unsplash

This weekend is an invitation to take each other (and especially ourselves) off of the cross, or to release the cross that we feel we must bear. What is the personal cross that you bear? Is it truly yours or are you carrying someone else’s burden? Dig deeply…you may just find that there is no need to continue down the path that you’ve been on, or you may find a renewed passion for the challenges that you have in your life. You know that there is a great purpose, and that you are being refined in some way by the work before you. Diamonds are formed by heat and pressure!

Be kind to the others in your life, knowing that we are all in this together; each bringing our beautiful pieces of the puzzle of life. May the sense of renewal and resurrection that you experience fill your heart and soul with the knowing that you are in the perfect place and time, and those people in your life are in front of you by divine appointment.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

Whatever you discover in your contemplations, I hope that you feel a renewed sense of devotion for your life during this glorious weekend in Spring!

Happy Easter!

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