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Jupiter Begins the Retrograde Season of 2018

Jupiter is the great benevolent god who bestows us with his generosity and wisdom. Those who have enjoyed his journey through Scorpio during these past 5 months have thrived and probably felt vindicated as he has stirred the depths and revealed secrets that others may have hoped would never see the light of day.

Every planet except the Sun & Moon, go retrograde occasionally, some more frequently than others. In the case of the outer planets (Jupiter through Pluto), they all go retrograde once per year for several months. Tonight, Jupiter stations retrograde at 23°13' Scorpio and will back up to 13°21' Scorpio, when he goes direct on July 10, 2018.

When planets go retrograde they give us a chance to go back and review those areas of our lives where their influence is felt. In Jupiter's case, he expands everything that he touches. Think of King Midas, but instead of turning things to gold, he brings abundance and expansion in both the material world and the abstract world of philosophy, higher knowledge, religion, and spirituality. Now that he's going retrograde, we will get a chance to truly get clear about these various domains and where we personally stand. How do we feel about our relationship with the world and with our God...however we define God?

Photo by Martin Sattler on Unsplash

Jupiter's journey through Scorpio has allowed us all to go deeply into our own psyches and discover those hidden treasures that we might have been afraid to know existed. The beautiful news is that they wouldn't be within you if they weren't for your highest good, so now's the time to dig in and enjoy the "Deep Dive!"

During these next four months, this is a wonderful opportunity to get real about our lives and gain that higher ground spiritually.

Happy pondering!

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