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Is it the Last Month of Winter or Summer? This I know...the Sun is in Pisces!

As I was waking this morning and realized that the Sun had just moved into Pisces, I found myself writing this post in my mind: Welcome to the last month of winter. But what came to mind is that it isn’t winter for our friends south of the equator. My mind then moved on to the various points of view that we have in our world.

Perhaps we can bridge the many gaps we have by remembering that one person’s truth does not negate another’s. The day that I realized there is not a single other soul on this beautiful planet who shares my precise perspective was both a shocking and liberating day!

When we are clear about our own personal truth, there is no need for external consensus. I can love my husband, for example, and not be threatened by someone else who loves someone of the same sex. Photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash

I can fully and unapologetically immerse myself into my personal passions, without the need to have others perceive things my way, or fear that I am offending someone who doesn’t quite get astrology, for instance…and thank God we are living in days when we don’t need to fear being burned at the stake!

Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, has the distinction of having "been there and done that" in every walk of life, metaphorically speaking--the culmination of every possible experience in 3D. This is why our Piscean friends are such “old souls” and have such a deep and abiding capacity for compassion.

Understanding that others do not share our points of view and being okay with it, creates the same internal freedom that allows us to celebrate our loves and individual passions for life, while also celebrating our collective diversity.

Where we get into trouble is in trying to change or convert someone from their own truth, which is as crazy as trying to convince someone who lives in Sydney, Australia that it’s winter there when they are actually enjoying the last month of their summer.

This is where my mind went as the first few dreamy rays of Piscean Sun filtered through my morning window.

Perhaps we may find a way to peace on Earth after’s worth entertaining the idea!

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