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This Aquarius Dark Moon is Also an Epic Dark Sun

Every month the Moon begins her cycle with the New Moon. This Thursday, February 15th at 1:05 pm PST, the New Moon will create the Sister Solar Eclipse to the Great American Eclipse that we had last August.

As we approach any New Moon (Dark of the Moon) from the Full Moon, it is waning (the sliver gets smaller and smaller). During the waning phase it is a great time to release whatever is no longer serving us. This particular Dark of the Moon is even more potent for releasing because it is happening near the South Node of the Moon and also creating a partial Solar Eclipse.

This is actually a great time to do some early spring cleaning. I wasn’t planning to clean out our refrigerator, but an accidental spill of quinoa prompted a cleaning spree and William and I now have a very clean fridge!

What are you ready to release from your life?

Photo by NASA

The Sun and Moon at 27°08’ Aquarius will be conjunct Mercury at 25°50’ Aquarius, and the three of them will be sextile Uranus at 25°24’ Aries. Given that Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, this adds a special spark of unique inventiveness to this Solar Eclipse.

One thing that has me intrigued is that this eclipse is happening right on the United States’ Moon. For those of us who are keenly watching Pluto as he approaches his natal position in the U.S. chart (which will happen in February of 2022), we have a heightened interest in this week’s eclipse. The growing feeling of the need for greater fairness and equality in our world will be very strongly supported.

For every New Moon I like to write a list of intentions. Aquarian themes are:

Humanitarian Goals




Future Oriented


An example of an intention is:

"I am so grateful for the loving community of friends that co-creates a beautiful future with me."

Watch for inspiration to strike over the next few months, and for those of you who have personal planets in the last 5 degrees of the fixed signs (that’s Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), this eclipse will feel particularly strong.

Order your Natal Chart to discover how this eclipse will impact you:

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