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Down the Rabbit Hole...

We all have a journey.

My journey began when I was twelve years old and my father was given six months to live. Even though he was diagnosed with lymphoma, Dad was no ordinary father!

While he did go through chemotherapy, he also took fistfuls of vitamins, teas from Mexico, and most importantly he meditated daily and pictured his cells healthy. To his doctor’s credit, within several months he told my father, “Dave, whatever you’re doing, keep doing it…you’re not going to die from this!”

Dad went into full remission and my teen years were filled with long talks as he taught me about metaphysics, psychic healing, and the power of the mind. I learned that there was much more to life than this 3D existence.

Happily, Dad was still with us when I turned eighteen. As his gift to me, he hired an astrologer to give me a reading, and my love affair with astrology began. I remember feeling as though I had met a new best friend…myself!

That was 40 years ago, and my studies have evolved into a field that incorporates quantum physics and psychology into my astrology practice.

I love how astrology can be an avenue to greater understanding. I love helping my clients gain higher ground in their lives, especially when it seems as though life has sent them a few curve balls. I personally know very well how a transit can blindside us if we are unaware that it’s happening. Knowledge is power!

I see life much like a river. Sometimes the water is calm and the view is lovely, but sometimes there are “rapids” along our path. With foreknowledge of the rapids, we are empowered to partner with the quantum field…to make sure that we have our “life jacket on” and that we “shift our center of gravity” so that we can enjoy the ride and gain a fantastic adventure in the process!

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