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2018 is ushered in with a Watery Bang ~ Full Moon in Cancer!

While the clock strikes midnight with the Moon in the later degrees of Gemini, the big news is that our first Full Moon of the year will happen several hours later… at 6:24 pm (PST) to be exact.

There’s a lovely kite in this New Year’s Full Moon chart! The Moon at 11°38’ Cancer is trining Neptune at 11°56’ Pisces & Mars at 14°51’ Scorpio, while both Mars & Neptune are trine each other and sextile the Sun at 11°38’ Capricorn, who is also conjunct Venus (9°55’ Cap), Lilith (8°21’ Cap), and Pluto (18°49 Cap). All of this should serve to begin the New Year on a solid, cool, emotionally dreamy and psychically attuned note!

With the Moon trine Mars we get the warrior’s spirit to venture forth and passionately create the lives of our deepest desires…to create the world that we long to live in, while Neptune in Pisces is inspiring us to build that world with a compassionate heart.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Mars is joining with Jupiter in Scorpio to further bolster his enthusiasm. Emotions run deep and we may surprise ourselves by what bubbles up to the surface.

All of this watery emotion is supported by the Sun and Venus’s union in Capricorn, and we get a hint of things to come when they begin their new cycle on January 8th (more to come in a few days).

Capricorn gives the Sun and Venus solid ground in which to plant your ambitious seeds for the future. Water loves to feel contained…earth gives shape to the formless and allows us to build something substantial.

With Venus, the Sun, and Pluto in conjunction in Capricorn we get the feeling that we have some very powerful allies on our side as we venture forth into this New Year.

What is your heart’s desire for 2018? With this configuration, anything goes!

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